UPDATED: FACT: Subscribing to the Bergoglian Fauxpacy Leads to False Sedevacantism.

{Update 4 October, ARSH 2020. After YEARS of being called a “sedevacantist” for arguing that the Petrine See is OCCUPIED (yes, accusing someone who is jumping up and down screaming “the See is occupied” of being a sedevacantist is quite possibly the stupidest argument ever made) by Trad Inc. partisans, to absolutely no one’s shock those same Trad Inc. partisans are now following the obvious logical progression of their false base premise that Bergoglio is or ever was the Pope and are now insinuating in light of the Froci Tutti document that the See is… wait for it… WAIT FOR IT… vacant. It’s called PROJECTION, folks. The piece below was originally penned and posted on Pentecost ARSH 2019.}

Jonathan Byrd, a “Francis is Pope” partisan, recently announced that he has come to the false conclusion that the See of Peter is vacant due to Fauxp “Francis” losing the Office due to heresy, and then this error leads Byrd to fall even farther in declaring the See has been vacant since the death of Pius XII. Errors compound, folks.

His base premise is false, of course, but this is a perfect example of sound logical corollaries that are built upon a false premise yielding false conclusions.

Of COURSE Antipope Bergoglio is a heretic.  He is an arch-heresiarch.  He isn’t even Catholic. There is a strong, serious, not-exaggerated possibility that he is literally THE False Prophet of the Antichrist.  He ticks every single box.  So, OF COURSE if one starts from the false base premise that Antipope Bergoglio was ever the Pope (which he wasn’t), where that leads as the logical progression quickly unfolds is that “the See is vacant because Francis has lost the Office.”

So, it is absolutely NO SURPRISE whatsoever that the “Francis is Pope” partisans have been engaging in not just obvious and transparent Alinsky Rule #13 tactics (Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it – hence the name-calling, ban hammering, calumny crusades, etc.), but also classic PROJECTION in hurling the utterly irrational and laughable accusation of false sedevacantism.  Deep down they know that holding the false premise that Pope Ratzinger’s attempted partial faux-resignation was valid and that Antipope Bergoglio was validly elected Pope on 13 March ARSH 2013 leads and led almost instantly to the realization that Jorge Bergoglio is a heretic and thus the discussion of Bellarmine’s, Suarez’ and John of St. Thomas’ writing on “deposing a heretic Pope” entered the conversation almost instantly. Given this false position, it is the “Francis is Popers” that arrive at the inevitable conclusion of false sedevacatism.

To wit: Jonathan Byrd.  First, from Byrd’s on website:

The Conclusion is very simple

If you accept Francis is the pope then you must accept communion for adulterers, you must accept allowing communion for protestants, you must accept LGBT novelties, you must accept the novus ordo mass, the new rites, the “cult of man”, Ecumenism, that the Roman Catholic Church is just one of many that lead to heaven, That error has rights, and all of the other profanations you see around you because it is from the pope and the magisterium and Vatican II……

If the above is abhorrent to you…

If you would rather die a thousand deaths than to give your consent to such abominable practices…

Then welcome to Sedevacantism….

Byrd then reconfirmed his fall into the error of 1958 sedevacantism on the NovusOrdoWatch blog by posting this comment:

We have also seen others do such things as openly question the infallible dogma declared at Vatican I – which, of course, instantly leads to a questioning of EVERY ECUMENICAL COUNCIL for the past 2000 years, AND thus leads to the questioning of the Church as indefectible, the Papacy itself, and then, obviously, to the questioning of the inerrancy of scripture, and, of course, then to the questioning of Our Lord’s very Divinity. Are the Gospels wrong, or did Our Lord break His promise?

Hey guys… here’s something to think about: what if the entire Catholic Faith was, well, wrong?

Pope Benedict XVI is the one and only living Pope, and has been since April ARSH 2005.  This is the TRUTH, and we can see how any deviation from the truth leads to catastrophic false logical corollaries and error, with false sedevacantism being near the top of the list.  And guys, this species of false sedevacantism has NOTHING to do with Holocaust denial or any of that other garbage that some 1958 sedevacantists are notorious for.  NOTHING.  That is a completely different dynamic.  BUT, the “Francis is Pope” partisans have been DELIGHTED to try to smear – again, completely irrationally – those of us who acknowledge that the See of Peter is OCCUPIED by Pope Benedict XVI exclusively and has been for 14 years now as somehow connected to the Holocaust-denying flat earthers and other wackiness of the 1958 sedevacantists.  I will never and would never do that to the false sedevacantists discussed above – they are not Holocaust deniers, flat earthers or anything else like that, and folks, as this moves forward there will only be more of these people who fall into this error, all based on the false premise that Antipope Bergoglio was ever the Pope.

It is so sad to watch.

This is why we have to keep pushing to get this resolved ASAP.  This is the diametrical opposite of “boring”.  People are losing their faith, being scandalized, and some are falling into deeper error, such as false sedevacantism.  The See isn’t vacant folks, and hasn’t been since the Interregnum of ARSH 2005.

I hope this helps.  God bless each and every one of you. Happy Pentecost!

The Spirit of the Lord hath filled the whole world, alleluia; and that, which containeth all things hath knowledge of the voice, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered: and let them that hate Him flee flee from before His face.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost.  As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.  World without end.  Amen.

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