Hey, Dum-Dum: Sant’Egidio is LITERALLY a Communist human trafficking front group, and EVERYONE knows it.

Sant’Egidio is one of the most evil racketeering fronts infesting The Church today. It’s pacing with the Legionaries of Christ, except Sant’Egidio works the hard left openly gay Champagne Communist set, and the Legion runs its grift on the “conservative” closeted gay/gay friendly Novus Ordo Big Money right.

Sant’Egidio is the main human trafficking entity bringing musloid invaders into Italy as a gateway to Europe. And, boy, it is BIG money. And apparently all the sodomites in Sant’Egidio are… not lacking for young male “migrants” willing to sodomize them in exchange for preferential treatment. As is typical with NGO personnel.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.