REPOST BY REQUEST: Fascinating history from the ARSH 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic: Bayer Pharma convinced doctors worldwide to give patients lethal overdoses of aspirin resulting in a totally manufactured “second wave”

Naturally, I’ve been reading about the ARSH 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic.  It was gruesome – it hit young people very hard, and many would hemorrhage blood from their eyes, nose, mouth and ears as death approached.  Absolutely terrible, right?

Here’s the REST of the story. And it’s a Duzy.

The reason why the Spanish Flu of ARSH 1918 was so awful, hit young, strong, healthy people, and caused gruesome death was because the medical community was convinced by an aggressive marketing and advertising push by the Bayer Pharmaceutical company to mega-dose ASPIRIN to people with the flu.  Mega-dose as in LETHAL OVERDOSE.

“Salicylates and Pandemic Influenza Mortality, 1918–1919 Pharmacology, Pathology, and Historic Evidence”
Karen M. Starko
Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 49, Issue 9, 15 November 2009, Pages 1405–1410

Doctors were told to give patients “a half-handful of aspirin pills EVERY HOUR”.  People were being dosed thirty grams – not milligrams, GRAMS – of pure aspirin every day.

Guess what happens to human beings when they overdose on Aspirin?

-PULMONARY EDEMA.  Fluid in the lungs.  AKA “pneumonia”.  This alone is enough to kill people, but when you take a person who already has a flu bug and intentionally throw them into a state of aspirin-induced severe pulmonary edema, the person has basically zero chance.  Also, Aspirin inhibits the body’s ability to “clear” the mucous membranes.  What should have been just a normal incidence of the flu became guaranteed death, even to strong young men in their twenties, many of whom died of BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA “superinfection” because their lungs were hyper-vulnerable to ALL infection from Aspirin toxicity, not just the flu.

-HEMORRHAGE.  Yeah, that thing of “Spanish Flu” victims having blood coming out of every orifice as they neared death?  That was the Aspirin overdose.  The hemorrhaging had nothing to do with the flu.

Death rates from the Spanish Flu varied wildly.  In some places the death rate was negligible, just like any other seasonal flu.  In other places it was over 3%.  History has just recently figured out that the wild swings in mortality rates were highly correlated to Aspirin.

The Bayer Pharmaceutical company murdered hundreds of thousands if not millions of people and were never held to any account.  Ooop-sie!  In fact, ARSH 1918 was a massive financial boon to Bayer, it established Aspirin as the most popular and widely used drug in the world, and Bayer AG is to this day one of the biggest Pharma companies in the world. And it is largely built on the dead bodies of the people they murdered in the Spanish Flu pandemic. “Es tut uns leid! Ha ha!”

Why did the medical community blindly do what Bayer told them to do?  Because they wanted to appear as if they were “doing something” and give the public the appearance of confidence and competence.  And doctors like giving people drugs, and are extremely susceptible to the flattery and bee-ess that Pharmaceutical reps slather them with.  “Ooooh.  All the SMART doctors are prescribing THIS drug.  You’re smart, right?  You want to do what all the OTHER smart doctors are doing, right?”  This sleazy Pharma marketing crap has been going on for WELL over 100 years, folks.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Now, watch this Bayer ad and try not to get creeped-out.

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