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The satanic bigotry of low expectations: A case study.

“I ask you to let your heart beat, nothing else.”

-Antipope and probable False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, Jorge Bergoglio

“Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect.”

Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Triune Godhead. Matthew 5: 48

Go to confession. Strive for perfection. Never stop trying. Never despair. Never settle.

Delicious Action Item, Housekeeping, and Lighthearted Fare

WHEW! How about a post that doesn’t involve civilizational collapse, mass apostasy or sexual perversion? Is that possible?

ITEM ONE: Support the Goya company! Make delicious Beet Hummus using Goya canned chickpeas!!!

Apparently the head of the Goya Company said something logical and true and therefore there is an attempt on to cancel him and the entire Goya Company.  So, everyone should buy Goya products.  I THINK they are usually found in the Mexican section of the grocery store.  May I recommend a recipe for Beet Hummus, which might sound iffy at first glance, especially if, like me, you were traumatized in childhood by canned beets, but I can testify is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  I have tried this exact recipe, including the step of shucking the hulls off of the chickpeas, and at the end I had abandoned all pretense and was just eating it with a spoon.

Additionally, making hummus requires that one purchase Tahini.  Tahini is whizzed-up sesame seeds, and it is usually in the “ethnic” aisle of the grocery store.  Pro tip: If you stir a bit of Tahini and honey into plain white yogurt, it tastes like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup except… better.  Deeper, richer, more complex.  Serve it in martini glasses as the fastest, easiest, cheapest dessert you will ever make.

Thanks to donors and supporters

I have been consistently shocked at the munificence of the readers and listeners here since I first “bit the bullet” and put up a donation button in November of ARSH 2013.  But what I have experienced since March has taken my amazement to a new level.  Even now, as hot war is breaking out and the economy is being put into intentional collapse, people continue to give me money, little fungible proxy units for their own lives and labor – just for maintaining an informal blog and doing a few Podcasts per month.  My rent continues to be paid – in fact, I’m out ahead, which is always how I prefer to be.  And, most importantly, the Holy Sacrifice is offered for ALL of my benefactors and supporters AT MINIMUM of once per day, and sometimes three times per day.  Since I really can’t give anything back to my donors and supporters, I figure nothing less than the INFINITE LOVE OF CHRIST CRUCIFIED will do.  Every day.

I received a question about simony, and if this dynamic of having Masses said for benefactors and supporters constituted “paying for the sacraments”.  Of course not.  In fact, if you open up your Baronius Hand Missal to the Examination of Conscience of page 67, you will see that under the Fourth Commandment (Thou shalt honor they mother and they father) is the specific mention of honoring your benefactors according to your JUST DUTY.  I consider it a MORAL OBLIGATION to have Masses said for my benefactors.  My dream would be to someday build and decorate a side chapel in a glorious church, and have Mass offered there DAILY, with a livestream, for all of my benefactors and supporters.  After I’m dead, then for the suppression of the Legion of Christ and the “Jesuits”, the extermination of islam, the conversion of the Jews…  and of course for the Poor Souls in Purgatory.  There are so many things to beg God for.

Lulu Book link updated and paperback books for sale

The folks at Lulu did a huge website update in February and all of the old links died, but it now looks like that they are totally back on track, and the paperback book link on the sidebar now works again.  Right now I have two books available.  One of more secular essays, and another of apologetics essays.  I fully intend to assemble and publish more books of collected essays, a book dedicated to the concepts of Diabolical Narcissism, a recipe book, and a book containing all kinds of devotions, prayers and liturgical aides. The recipe book and the liturgical aide book will be as much for my own personal use as for distribution!

Cattle Marketing DVDs still for sale

Yes, indeed.  The Cornerstone Cattle Marketing DVD set is still for sale, and yes, it contains modules on trading and bartering in a hyper-inflationary environment and/or without currency after a total economic and/or governmental collapse or overthrow, how to convert currencies to barter units (i.e. gallons of gas, rounds of .223), how to estimate costs in a barter environment (i.e. no currency), debt management and the importance of eliminating debt (ahem).  Some folks thought I was “out there”, to put it mildly, when I first released the second edition DVD in March of ARSH 2011.  But, I was confident that we were less than a decade out from serious collapse and likely civil war.  And… well, here we are. I was recently told of one cattleman overheard saying, “I’m sick and damn tired of Ann Barnhardt being right about all this crap.” The cost is $500.  Ordering details HERE. Don’t buy it unless you actually intend to trade physical livestock.  Please let me allocate my existing inventory for cattlemen and those seriously looking to enter the cattle/livestock business.

And finally, on a COMPLETELY different note…

Some might not know that I was a ballet and tap dancer in my youth.  I was actually the most talented at tap dancing, as I don’t have the freakish physiognomy needed for any sort of high proficiency in ballet.  Not that I ever had any intention of pursuing any form of dance as a career – it is completely overrun by sodomites, who then pass their diabolical narcissism to the females around them.  The world of dance is a hellscape of personality disorders and mortal sin.

But, I can really appreciate good dance when I see it, and I came across this tap routine by the Nicholas Brothers from ARSH 1936.  This number is amazing for multiple reasons.  First, the absolute proficiency.  This is, in my estimation, one of the top three tap dance routines ever put to film.  But what is so amazing is that the Nicholas Brothers are 21 and 14 years old in this clip. Look at the level of polish and presence, especially in young Harold Nicholas.  Further, the Nicholas Brothers were completely self-taught.  Elder brother Fayard taught himself tap dancing just by WATCHING vaudeville performers, and then Fayard taught his little brother Harold.  The great Ballet master George Balanchine saw the Nicholas brothers right around the time this film was made, and Balanchine was CONVINCED that they had formal ballet training and asked where they had studied ballet.  Balanchine was gobsmacked to learn that they were totally self-taught. Note Fayard’s smooth grace and arm movements compared to young Harold’s more feisty athleticism.

Finally, it should be noted that Fayard and Harold Nicholas were born in ARSH 1914 and 1921 respectively to a married couple, both of whom had COLLEGE DEGREES.  Their mother made all of their clothes, and you can see the polish and excellence of their suits.  This is important because many people today believe that blacks in the United States were all illegitimate and running around barefoot in raggedy overalls BEFORE the 1960s and the so-called “civil rights movement”, which was actually a plot to destroy the black community through welfare, namely LBJ’s “Great Society”.  LBJ relatively openly would say, “Give the n’s a little check every month, and they’ll vote you in office for 200 years.”  Before LBJ’s “Great Society”, more than 80% of black children born in the US were born to a married couple.  This is stunning to consider.  It is good and instructive to see young, black men being elegant, polished and hyper-skilled, not to mention all of the impeccably dressed people in the background.  If I live to see it, I can’t wait for a return to people wearing what is today considered “formal wear” on a daily basis.  Men in three piece suits, morning coats, evening jackets, hats. Ladies dressed to the nines in gorgeous, modest dresses and hats every day. Slovenliness is a sign of a fundamental lack of respect and fraternal charity, and really, a lack of self respect.  Flip-flops, shorts, tank tops, sweats, track suits – all signs of a terminally ill culture.  I’ve been dressing WAY up every day for a while now, and man, let me tell you, it really sends a positive message, and not just because people might mistakenly perceive me to be “rich”. It’s a matter of mutual respect and fraternity. Especially now, as EXACTLY those two things are what the satanic muzzle masks are designed to attack and eliminate.

I suppose the BLM crowd would look at this clip and jeer, saying that everyone in it is “acting white.”  They aren’t “acting white”, they’re acting HUMAN.  Therefore, let the contradistinction be understood and acknowledged.

Sadly, the Nicholas Brothers both failed to honor their marriage vows, habitually, and both ended up “civilly divorced” from their wives.  A real shame.

“Are you professionals?”

“Professionals, nothing!  We’ve passed that stage.”

“Well, what are you?”


Enjoy “Lucky Numbers”…




Identifying Dementia: When a person’s speech continues to use grammar, but nouns, verbs and adjectives are contextually nonsensical.

Like Mad Libs. Except so very, very unfunny.

I fear Biden is probably too cognitively far gone to be able to repent of his horrific sins. But, through Christ all things are possible. Dementia victims are frequently known to show flashes of total, quasi-miraculous lucidity just before dying.

I still maintain that Melinda Gates could be put on the ticket. I think all of these black women are a head fake, and the DNC has been courting and grooming Melinda Gates to run for office for years. Or… has Melinda been courting and grooming the DNC?

WAR: Corona vaccines don’t exist because they TURBOCHARGE the virus and KILL the recipient.

Crosspost below from NonVeniPacem.

Remember how is was revealed that the flu shots distributed in Northen Italy last year contained canine CoronaViruses?

They’re stone-cold murderers. This is the largest crime against humanity ever perpetrated. There is no biological plague, there is no pandemic, but Gates and the New World Order will try to CREATE one by making a common seasonal cold far more lethal, especially to younger people, by injecting everyone with a known-for-decades viral uptake ENHANCER under the propaganda guise of a “vaccine”. –AB

Would you be surprised to learn that coronavirus vaccines have a tendency to kill the patient?

Imagine my shock to learn that there is a significant risk of worsened illness or higher mortality for vaccines for several past strains of coronavirus, including RSV, SARS, and feline coronavirus. The vaccines end up enhancing the infection by increasing the body’s uptake of the pathogen. It’s almost as if they picked a coronavirus on purpose. The following article is three months old, so bear that in mind, but all of the facts remain relevant. Full annotation at the source link.


As they race to devise a vaccine, researchers are trying to ensure that their candidates don’t spur a counterproductive, even dangerous, immune system reaction known as immune enhancement.

The teams of researchers scrambling to develop a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine clearly face some big challenges, both scientific and logistical. One of the most pressing: understanding how the immune system interacts not only with the pathogen but with the vaccine itself—crucial insights when attempting to develop a safe and effective vaccine.

Researchers need to understand in particular whether the vaccine causes the same types of immune system malfunctions that have been observed in past vaccine development. Since the 1960s, tests of vaccine candidates for diseases such as dengue, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) have shown a paradoxical phenomenon: Some animals or people who received the vaccine and were later exposed to the virus developed more severe disease than those who had not been vaccinated (1). The vaccine-primed immune system, in certain cases, seemed to launch a shoddy response to the natural infection. “That is something we want to avoid,” says Kanta Subbarao, director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza in Melbourne, Australia.

This immune backfiring, or so-called immune enhancement, may manifest in different ways such as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), a process in which a virus leverages antibodies to aid infection; or cell-based enhancement, a category that includes allergic inflammation caused by Th2 immunopathology. In some cases, the enhancement processes might overlap. Scientific debate is underway as to which, if any, of these phenomena—for which exact mechanisms remain unclear—could be at play with the novel coronavirus and just how they might affect the success of vaccine candidates.

Some researchers argue that although ADE has received the most attention to date, it is less likely than the other immune enhancement pathways to cause a dysregulated response to COVID-19, given what is known about the epidemiology of the virus and its behavior in the human body. “There is the potential for ADE, but the bigger problem is probably Th2 immunopathology,” says Ralph Baric, an epidemiologist and expert in coronaviruses—named for the crown-shaped spike they use to enter human cells—at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In previous studies of SARS, aged mice were found to have particularly high risks of life-threatening Th2 immunopathology (2). Baric expresses his concern about what that might mean for use of a COVID-19 vaccine in elderly people. “Of course, the elderly are our most vulnerable population,” he adds.

Experts generally agree that animal experiments and human clinical trials of candidate vaccines for COVID-19, which is caused by the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), should include a careful assessment of possible immune complications before releasing the vaccine to the public. If any of the mechanisms under investigation are indeed involved, they say, the resulting risks are real. “You really have to test a vaccine carefully,” says Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health in Boston, MA, “and not just roll it out because people are clamoring for it with an epidemic underway.”

Upwards of 80% of patients who contract COVID-19 develop only mild flu-like symptoms. “The immune system fights off the virus and people might hardly notice,” says Darrell Ricke, a researcher with the MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Bioengineering Systems and Technologies Group in Lexington, MA, who posted a preprint in March on the possible COVID-19 vaccine risks (3). “But there seems to be a tipping point: Some individuals appear equally healthy yet can progress to a more severe disease.”

Ricke points to ADE as a potential explanation for this variability. The phenomenon has been reported in some tissue culture and animal studies of HIV, influenza, and SARS. But it is best known for its influence on the immune response to the dengue virus. If a person is infected with one of dengue’s four serotypes, their immune system should confer lifelong protection against that serotype. But as researchers have discovered, if that person is later infected by a different dengue serotype, then they can develop a severe and potentially deadly illness. In fact, according to one study in the 1980s, more severe responses were found to be 15 to 80 times more likely in secondary dengue infections than in primary infections (4). Instead of the antibodies neutralizing encountered dengue viral proteins, they enhance uptake of the virus. The back end of the antibody binds to macrophages, a type of white blood cell, and helps the virus enter those cells and accelerate viral replication.

ADE has posed a similar challenge in the creation of vaccines for infections including dengue and a cat coronavirus, feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV). In one study, cats vaccinated against FIPV got sicker than cats left unvaccinated (5). Again, the virus-specific antibody increased the virus uptake by macrophages.

Barney Graham, deputy director of the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in Bethesda, MD, which is collaborating with the Cambridge, MA-based biotech Moderna on a COVID-19 vaccine candidate, also questioned the role of ADE… Graham emphasizes alternative ways in which a vaccine could potentially induce more serious COVID-19 infections: Th2 immunopathology, in which a faulty T cell response triggers allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes, activating the complement system and potentially damaging the airways.


Both processes were at play as an unfortunate situation unfolded in the 1960s, according to Graham. Researchers at the time were pursuing a vaccine against RSV, the leading cause of severe respiratory illness in infants. In trials of one vaccine candidate, several children who received the vaccine developed a serious illness when infected with the natural virus (7). Two toddlers died. In this case, researchers noticed severe damage and the unexpected presence of lots of neutrophils and eosinophils, both immune cells, in the children’s lung tissue. A similar inflammatory response was seen in animal models of RSV, in which cytokines, a type of immune cell, had invaded and damaged tissue.

“That really killed RSV vaccines for a generation,” says Peter Hotez, a vaccine researcher and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. After more than 50 years of further study, a candidate RSV vaccine is finally back in clinical trials.

When SARS, also a coronavirus, appeared in China and spread globally nearly two decades ago, Hotez was among researchers who began investigating a potential vaccine. In early tests of his candidate, he witnessed how immune cells of vaccinated animals attacked lung tissue, in much the same way that the RSV vaccine had resulted in immune cells attacking kids’ lungs.

Moderna’s mRNA vaccine candidate has progressed at unprecedented speed, thanks in large part to China’s January release of the genetic sequence of the virus. A phase 1 clinical trial began on March 16 in Seattle, WA. “We need to get some answers by next winter so we can at least be more prepared for the winter of 2021–2022,” adds Graham.

But immune enhancement concerns linger. Stanley Perlman, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, agrees that a good T cell response should sidestep enhancement concerns. He is also part of a special committee convened by the World Health Organization (WHO) to address immune enhancement, which they refer to as vaccine enhancement. The committee now aims to define what exactly this enhancement means, what the relevant issues are for a COVID-19 vaccine, and what to do with that information, notes Perlman. A subgroup of the committee is expected to produce a summary report within a few months.

Vaccine experts have underscored the need to avoid mistakes from the past, such as the halting of SARS vaccine development. More coronaviruses are likely waiting in wild bats, primates, and rodents, ready to make the jump to humans. “Ecological disruption really increases the odds that we might encounter a pathogen that we’ve never seen before but grows in us just fine,” says Rasmussen.

#TOLDYA: Psycho Tyrant Fetishist Gates declares his Mark of the Beast fake vaccine for a common seasonal cold “could take an ‘unbelievably big number’ of doses to beat the virus.”

Unbelievably big number of doses. Like… one every four months… indefinitely? Because, you know, those naughty Coronaviridae are notorious for their rapid mutation – which is why you can get a cold in October, and another cold in the spring. Guys, Coronaviridae was chosen by Gates and the New World Order precisely BECAUSE they mutate within months. Polio doesn’t mutate. That’s why the childhood Polio vaccine lasts for life. Also, chicken pox doesn’t mutate. That’s why the antibodies I acquired from chicken pox forty years ago mean I didn’t get chicken pox again, and am likely also immune to shingles. Those viruses don’t mutate. Coronaviridae viruses do. Rapidly. So fast, in fact, that it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to isolate, manufacture and inoculate WITHIN a Coronaviridae seasonal iteration. You’re always behind the eight ball.

Hence, there is no cure for the common cold – which is EXACTLY what Gates et al WANT and NEED. They need FEAR (which MASKS and the MEDIA create) and they need an excuse to tell people that they have to keep getting frequent “updated boosters”. It kills two birds with one stone: tracking, and sterilization of women and girls, which requires steady, prolonged dosing to be permanent.

Speaking during an interview with Norah O’Donnell on CBS News, Gates said he had faith in the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

However, he warned it could take an “unbelievably big number” of doses to beat the virus.

He said: “None of the vaccines at this point appear like they’ll work with a single dose.”

This man is a non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerent in a state of open war against… the human race. He wants totalitarian control. He wants mass sterilization NOW. Within ten years, they want human reproduction to essentially stop, and the only way to do that is under the guise of a “vaccine”. Further, permanent chemical sterilization requires multiple injections over a protracted period of time. You sterilize the females, plus get the “benefit” of a tracking and coercion regime tied to having “updated” shots. No shots, no banking, no ability to buy food, clothing, or shelter, no employment, no travel, and eventually arrest and incarceration… for SAFETY.

He wants to be God, and he has been planning and fantasizing about this for his entire adult life.

Fun bonus:

Here are a couple of images from the February ARSH 1997 issue of “George” magazine- JFK Jr.’s periodical. Note the cover splash of JFK Jr.’s interview with Gates. “World domination.” And note the image of the pullquote on the page immediately after the Gates interview, which is a topical follow-up to the Gates interview.

“Worst case scenario? An over-populated planet choked to extinction by a lung-attacking virus.”


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the human race is being brought under the yoke of tyranny in EXACTLY Bill Gates’ life-long psychopathic fetish fantasy.

Just a coincidence… you betcha. Just like “Event 201“, the preparatory meeting they held on 18 October was a “coincidence”.

It’s not just Trad Inc. accusing those who don’t convert to Viruslam of being “narcissist psychopaths”. The projection game has gone mainstream.

People who don’t wear masks are “more likely to be narcissist psychopaths”, blares the headline.

This is, of course, textbook PROJECTION. Read up on the topic here, and my Diabolical Narcissism video presentation is here.

These things have I spoken to you, that you may not be scandalized. They will put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God. And these things will they do to you; because they have not known the Father, nor Me. But these things I have told you, that when the hour shall come, you may remember that I told you of them.

John 16: 1-4

All hail Antipope Bergoglio! Supreme Worshipful Master of Viruslam!

New York City has committed suicide. Only one person permitted inside an elevator car at a time.

I’m hard-pressed to think of a better example of the abject insanity of this, the great collective suicide of the Post-Christian west.

Good essay by a resident of Manhattan HERE.

If only one person is allowed in an elevator car in New York, there literally aren’t enough hours in a day to simply get people to their offices and workspaces. Remember, it isn’t just Office workers, it is also janitorial and maintenance staff, and any workers remodeling spaces, nevermind clients and delivery people. Further, the lines for each elevator would stretch multiple city blocks – thousands of people per building.


This, folks, is a perfect example of the “darkening of the intellect” caused by sin. Sin makes you stupid. It doesn’t drop your IQ. It renders a person unable to get the “horsepower to the ground.” A person with a 120 IQ who lives in a state of unrepentant mortal sin is like a car with the throttle mashed while the transmission is in neutral.

The motor runs, but the only way the car moves is by gravity. The Post-Christian west has been rolling down a slope for many decades, but now we have reached the bottom of the hill, and thus have ground to a halt. Only getting the transmission engaged by returning to God and His Holy Church will enable us to move ever again. We will quickly become like the musloid world, utterly incapable of any sort of culture or productivity. Millions of people doing absolutely nothing, going through life in a state of catatonia, awaiting or even seeking death.

“For although they knew God, they did not accord Him glory as God or give Him thanks. Instead, they became vain in their reasoning, and their senseless minds were darkened. While claiming to be wise, they became fools.” Romans chapter 1

China now canceling Christians, breaking into homes and replacing images of Christ with Mao and Xi. Antipope and Antichurch too busy blowing this year’s $2BB Chinese Vatican payment on rentboys and blow to comment.

Fried pork dumplings:

.- The chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences has said that China is exercising global moral leadership in the principles of Catholic social teaching and defense of human dignity.

Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, an Argentinian, is chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. In an interview with Vatican Insider, he recently said that “at this moment, those who best realize the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese.”

Sorondo told Vatican Insider that he had recently visited China, where he says he found that “they [the Chinese] seek the common good, subordinate things to the general good.”

Peking Duck:

China orders Christians to take down crosses, images of Jesus; worship communist leaders not God.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, poor Christian villagers in China have been ordered to renounce their faith and replace displays of Jesus with portraits of Chairman Mao and President Xi Jinping or risk losing their welfare benefits.

“…at this moment, those who best realize the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese.”