UPDATED: War declared in Philadelphia: All events canceled until March 2021. Protests and demonstrations specifically exempted. Excuse given: someone might catch a cold.

UPDATE: It is now confirmed that this act of war is totally dictated by “deployment of a vaccine”. The fake “vaccine” is the point of the spear in instituting totalitarianism. This proves it. And remember folks, the “vaccine” will almost certainly contain sterilants, as mass sterilization is Bill & Melinda Gates’ and the entire New World Order’s root agenda. The only way to reduce the human population from 7.8 billion to 1 billion, which is their openly stated goal, is mass involuntary sterilization. The fake “vaccine” will also be the vector upon which the Mark of the Beast depends, yielding total economic control.

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And once again, remember who is setting this policy: Dick Levine, a self-mutilating madman who should literally be in an insane asylum for his own protection… and for everyone else’s.

Reportage HERE and HERE.

Do they think a single hotel or restaurant will survive this? Do they care?

How many lost jobs never coming back, suicides, murders? Do they care?

This is a capital crime.

The following data can be accessed at phila.gov

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Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.