Actual science for anyone who still cares: Masks are not only useless, but actually dangerous; seasonal colds and flus are seasonal due to HUMIDITY.

Here is a great piece with copious deep linkage showing that actual, real science has long known and proven that masks and respirators (like N95 masks) are totally useless against viruses. They are a placebo. A placebo that is actually filthy and harmful.

The seasonality of colds and flus is a function of HUMIDITY. Viruses hate humidity. So, cold, dry winter air leads to a higher infection rate. That’s why they’re called… COLDS.

LINK HERE. Worth a bookmark.

Finally, here is a short demonstration of how even the disposable gauze masks cause Carbon Dioxide levels to INSTANTLY jump to levels which are considered hazardous by OSHA standards. Ask any doctor or nurse, masks are hellish, and wearing them causes CO2 headaches, fatigue, etc. and it is NOT healthy to wear them. In fact, they are an occupational hazard that healthcare workers have to learn to manage and suffer through.

But I REALLY have to chuckle at the fact that the enviro-Nazis have been screaming for years that Carbon Dioxide is this great poison, but NOW everyone “must”, by law, breathe it at unsafe levels.

Watch the video of the test using a gauze mask, and then realize that morons are running around wearing fashion fabric and even DENIM masks.

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