Q: Dear Ann; Where is my money going if I donate to you?: A: Tonight I GLEEFULLY paid a “Karen Stasi Citation” for a Mom-n-Pop neighborhood restaurant.

First: RENT.  As far out in front as I can go.

Second? Bull**** like this crap.  The Stasi Karens rolled in tonight. With their clipboards and their tape measures. And pinched-lipped repulsiveness.  Do you know why?  Because the screeching Karen cat lady who lives above the restaurant (probably a OneKarenFive reader), filled with HARD WORKING SANE PEOPLE eating their dinner OUTSIDE, triggered her psychopathic totalitarian shit.

Leave us in peace. Don’t you have a video game or fantasy world to get back to, Hon?

So, the civilian rat Stasi rolled in.

That’s fine.

I quietly paid the restaurant’s $120 fine – for a completely non-specific “too many happy people enjoying company and family and great food OUTSIDE, and a business that wasn’t destroyed by the lockdown actually having a good night and making money”.  WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!!  When I saw what was going on, I covered the restaurant’s fine instantly by having them put it on my bill.  Without any hesitation.  You have to step up and help your neighbors.  To be honest, it made my day.  What a grace! What a privilege!

So.  My donors and supporters are covered DAILY more than once most days in the prayer of the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary.

I pay my rent, out front as far as I can.  And then?  You know, I’m open. I’m flex.

Paying a Nazi ticket for having too many people eating dinner OUTDOORS as ratted out by a Stasi Karen clique?  WORTH EVERY PENNY. (Plus my guest – 4 courses for the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul…)

120 fine – for the record. Pic below. It was officially categorized as “vegetable side dish”.  EVEN BETTER.


UPDATE:  No, the Gesundheitsfuhrer Karens had no idea I was paying the fine, BUT THE OWNERS DID, like, immediately. I flagged one of them over and casually “asked for advice on my next course”.   I watch everything like a hawk.  Situational awareness.  So the owners, who were turning red and about to lose their s**t, stayed calm, the Stasi Karens left, and all was well.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.