Barnhardt Podcast #115: Forewarned is Forearmed

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In this episode, Mark and Ann are again joined by Dr. Edmund Mazza, further exploring his thesis that the words and actions of Pope Benedict suggest he has separated the functional aspects of the papacy from the ontological essence of the papacy, having himself retained the latter. In delegating the governance function/active role/ministry, it appears Benedict may have done so by attempting to separate the See of Rome from the Primacy itself. New evidence continues to be unearthed, some of it going back hundreds of years, supporting at least the conceptual validity of this. Will examine the resignation of Peter Celestine, the thoughts of Cardinal Manning, that the idea of splitting off the Roman See from the Primacy is NOT a heretical idea, the laity of Nestorius’ diocese publicly condemning their own bishop (Nestorius) in writing. Bergoglio “lamenting” that he might be the one who goes down in history as schisming the Church… something quite impossible if he were the true Pope. Bergoglio’s snarking remark about prelates who only halfway resign.The historical German significance of Benedict’s choice of “resignation” day. Carl Schmidt and the State of Exception: The sovereign has the authority to suspend the law. 2 Thess 2, “the restrainer” and the “man of sin,” the KATECHON… the restrainer is both a person and a system.

Vocabulary word of the podcast: KATECHON:

Not only a person but a system, the WHO and the WHAT that are restraining the antichrist (Joseph Ratzinger, Called to Communion, (Ignatius Press, 1996) 47; 55. Cardinal Manning, The Present Crisis of the Holy See: A Warning About Antichrist).

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