A #YouAintBlack reader checks in on Minnesota and the Mazza Position Paper

Good morning Ann,

I can’t say I’m surprised at the actions in Minnesota yesterday, though I remain horrified and saddened. As a young black man, I can’t imagine how the mass looting and arson will do anything but cement that manufactured racial division that the communist Obama stoked. Funny, it comes about right after the demented corpse of Joe Biden made another public oopsie of a racial nature that, if left to be digested and reported, could have led to at least a small fracture in that plantation hive-mind mentality that has plagued the majority of us blacks for so long. Another strange coincidence.

It’s all just too obviously cooked up. The sick evil people running this show aren’t just saying the quiet part out loud anymore: they’re standing on the rooftop screaming it through a bull horn. I just can’t help but think that with this time of abject self-inflicted chaos with this bee-ess virus, and the publishing of Dr. Mazza’s paper outlining yet another explanation to add to the obvious reality of the Bergoglian Antipapacy, we’re on the cusp of a divine intervention. Especially after a parish priest in Cleveland just basically announced to the satanists of the world where to go to desecrate Our Lord by announcing that the Eucharist will be distributed at his parish by drive-thru in plastic bags on Pentecost Sunday. Either way, that triumph of the Immaculate Heart can’t come soon enough.

Prayers for your holiness,


Contact info HERE to help get the Eucharistic profanation STOPPED.

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