Today is Antipope Bergoglio’s day of Freemasonic One World Religion fasting and prayer to satan for the New World Order to come to total power by the CoronaCold putsch…

So, I’m thinking steak for dinner tonight after Mass.

By the way, as the Antichurch rises and priests are becoming more frightened about staying in union with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of which Pope Benedict XVI is the one and only visible head (whether he likes it or not), might I strongly recommend this prayer, composed by Pope Gregory XIII, before Mass for every priest. It really is consoling, and puts one’s mind at ease, I should think.

I have been personally assured by the highest levels of the Church Militant that good faith doubt and controversy about the identity of the Roman Pontiff is NOT schismatic. But, we should ALL strive for the truth on this at all times. Christ alone will judge the hearts of men and how and why they reacted to the Bergoglian antipapacy. I do seem to remember however something about letting your “yes be yes, and your no, no”, and how the lukewarm will be “vomited out.” So, think twice about burying your head in the sand as a viable option for dealing with the Bergoglian antipapacy qua antipapacy.

The Papacy is EXTREMELY important, as Our Lord made crystal clear, and to be Catholic is to be Ultramontane. Don’t be fooled or brow-beaten into thinking the term “Ultramontanism” is something bad or extreme. The “ultra” in Ultramontane means “beyond”, as is PHYSICALLY beyond the MOUNTAINS, as in The Alps. Ultramontane means that a person is a Roman Catholic in union with and submitting to the authority of Peter, whose See is Rome, which is “beyond the mountains” relative to the German, Anglo, and Gallican lands from whence heresy sprung.

We don’t need less Papal authority. We need MORE. We need Pope Benedict to assert that power which he fully possesses as Christ’s Vicar on earth and as the earthly Absolute Monarch of monarchs.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

MY PURPOSE is to celebrate Mass and to make present the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the rite of the holy Roman Church to the praise of our all-powerful God and all His assembly in the glory of heaven, for my good and the good of all His pilgrim Church on earth, and for all who have asked me to pray for them in general and in particular, and for the good of the holy Roman Church.

MAY the almighty and merciful Lord grant us joy and peace, amendment of life, room for true repentance, the grace and comfort of the Holy Spirit and perseverance in good works. Amen.

EGO VOLO celebrare Missam, et conficere Corpus et Sanguinem Domini nostri Iesu Christi, iuxta ritum sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae, ad laudem omnipotentis Dei totiusque Curiae triumphantis, ad utilitatem meam totiusque Curiae militantis, pro omnibus, qui se commendaverunt orationibus meis in genere et in specie, et pro felici statu sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae.

GAUDIUM cum pace, emendationem vitae, spatium verae paenitentiae, gratiam et consolationem Sancti Spiritus, perseverantiam in bonis operibus, tribuat nobis omnipotens et misericors Dominus. Amen

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