Endorsement of the TradCatholic Drudge, the Hardest-Working Man on the Innerwebz, Frank Walker of Canon212.com

Since there are a BUNCH of new eyes, or eyes returning after being away from this space for years, let me give a big shout-out and recommendation to a news aggregator that y’all really should keep a daily eye on.

May I present Frank Walker, the James Brown of the innerwebz, the hardest working man in the business (also, I am assured by his wife, the best dancer. Frank keeps it on the good foot…)

Frank runs the Traditional Catholic news aggregator site


The significance of the name is the Church law, Canon 212.3, that says that laypeople have the right and obligation to pipe up about things…

Frank works harder than anyone on the innerwebz that I know of. I am continually dumbstruck and shamed by the amount of time he spends every day updating headlines TWICE per day most days.

Can I testify? Can I witness? Frank has sent me emails many times APOLOGIZING for a “late update”. The most memorable was the time he was a few hours late because he had to board up his house ahead of a hurricane. No joke.

Frank Walker makes me feel effeminate. Yeah. Really.

Frank has a rapier wit, and pioneered a punctuation convention that SHOULD merit a Pulitzer: the effeminate uptalk ?!?!?!

Yes, folks. It was Frank Walker who pioneered the indication of that most odious of affectations, the “uptalk”, with ?!?!?!

In especially egregious examples, Frank adds, “okay” or “right”, plus the uptalk “?!?!?!”

Frank also links to relevant secular links, so he really is a true news aggregator, especially now that Drudge is totally useless and even unreadable agitprop of the Axis.

So, do make Canon212.com a daily click.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.