VIDEO: Fr. Anthony Hannon says what everyone else has noticed: there is no actual refutation of my arguments, only ad hominem.

Fr. Anthony Hannon states in his very kind and gentle demeanor what so many people have also noticed – there is no real counter-argumentation to the case that Pope Benedict’s resignation was not valid as I have laid it out both on video and in writing in this space over the past 3.5 years.

There is, however, a very noticeable and conspicuous tendency towards ad hominem attacks against my person, which, as Father Hannon rightly points out, at this point is actually serving to bolster my credibility.  Ad hominem might have worked years ago, but now people are seeing me being called such names as “online Catholic cancer”, or, perhaps even more tellingly when people make the obvious dodge by saying, “Barnhardt’s arguments are so ridiculous that they merit no consideration” and instantly recognize it for what it is: a total retreat.

I have never met or communicated with Fr. Hannon, but I do thank him for his kind defense.

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