Barnhardt Podcast #103: Sum Ting Wong

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Moderate Language Alert (Ann’s gonna Ann…)

In this episode we transition into the season of Lent while discussing the transition of Querida Amazonia from being a blatantly, over-the-top, dumpster fire of apostasy to a massively cringe-worthy pile of blather which still kicks open the door to pantheism and demon worship. And in bad news, the Coronavirus continues to spread and is now affecting global manufacturing supply chains as well as the stock prices of companies who rely heavily on just-in-time inventory from southeast Asia… something is definitely wrong in China. Finally we discuss the kinds of things you might want to have on hand (prepping!) in the event that both local and global supply chains grind to a halt (and if Sanctifying Grace in your soul isn’t the FIRST item on your prepping list, re-do your list!).

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