Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga publicly declares that Benedict is Pope

And here’s another.

Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga of Kazakhstan has publicly declared that Benedict is Pope, and that he commemorates Pope Benedict in the Canon of the Mass.

+Lenga is 69 years old and came up under Soviet oppression in Latvia and Lithuania. The man knows what tyranny is, and knows what kind of suffering tyrants impose on those who stand against them.

Look for +Lenga to be ruthlessly attacked, vilified and slandered by Trad Inc. in 3–2–1…

As I have been saying for quite some time, if a Cardinal would issue the following statement, there would be people crawling out of the woodwork in support. Right now, pretty much everyone knows what the situation is, but are waiting for leadership in acknowledging what is obvious.

Sample Cardinalatial press statement:

Significant canonical irregularities have been identified with regards to Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation as proffered in February of 2013. Pending further investigation, a state of emergency suspense is hereby declared.”

For those of you who will be praying Psalm 118 with me this Lent, may I point out this particularly striking section, verses 126-130:

It is time, O Lord, to do: they have dissipated thy law. Therefore have I loved thy commandments above gold and the topaz. Therefore was I directed to all thy commandments: I have hated all wicked ways. Thy testimonies are wonderful: therefore my soul hath sought them. The declaration of thy words giveth light: and giveth understanding to little ones.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.