There WAS NO CONCLAVE seven years ago, therefore there was NOTHING to “Universally Peacefully Accept”

Canon 359 makes it forcefully clear that the College of Cardinals have absolutely zero ability or capacity to call a valid, legitimate, legal conclave while the Petrine See is occupied, no matter what, and no matter the circumstances. If they try to call a conclave while the See is occupied, no matter how much it might look like a conclave, and even if the College of Cardinals goes along with this error unanimously, it is still totally impossible for them to ever call a valid, REAL conclave so long as the See is occupied. It is ontologically impossible, per Canon 359.

So if, as happened seven years ago, an illegal, invalid, illegitimate, NULL “conclave” is called, what that actually means is that there was no conclave at all. I think perhaps people are having a hard time with the logic, specifically the Law of Non-contradiction. A null, invalid UNREAL conclave can’t both be and not be. Something can’t be both NULL and EXTANT.

Since Pope Benedict’s partial attempted resignation was canonically invalid, it was NULL, and thus Pope Benedict, as is visible to the entire world, is the one and only living Pope. Therefore, Canon 359 stands like a mighty bulwark defending the Papacy and The Church from… well, from EXACTLY what we are living through today – an Antipapacy wrought by enemies of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

In order for “Universal Peaceful Acceptance” to apply, we FIRST have to have something to apply it to: namely, a legal, licit, valid conclave. That is, a conclave that is real and actually exists in reality, not a NULL SET, conceived in malice, error and lawlessness.

Remember folks, ERROR HAS NO RIGHTS.


There was no legally valid conclave seven years ago, which means by logical definition that there was NO CONCLAVE AT ALL. Invalid means non-existent. It looked like a conclave, but it wasn’t a conclave. What happened in March of ARSH 2013 was a sucking maw of error and criminality. Universal Peaceful Acceptance does not apply to sucking maws of error and criminality, and thus sure as hell doesn’t sanate it, or bring into being something which cannot possibly happen – a valid conclave while the See is occupied. The College of Cardinals has zero ability to remove the Papacy from a man. Only Christ Himself can do that, and when and if Christ does it is laid out in CANON LAW.

Therefore, there was absolutely nothing in March of ARSH 2013 for anyone to “Universally peacefully accept.”

What ARE they teaching in law schools these days? Not logic, that much is clear. Thank God I just have a bachelor’s in animal husbandry and can still understand that in order for something to be “accepted”, it has to actually EXIST and have HAPPENED first – that only the Real matters, that only the Real counts.

I hope this helps.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

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