Barnhardt Podcast #100: Wars and Rumors of Wars

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Mild Language Alert!

We made it to 100 episodes? (Surely you can’t be serious!) In this episode, after wishing everyone a merry CONTINUATION of Christmas, we discuss the post-New-Year’s fireworks in Iran, the “slap-a-mama” fireworks in Rome, and the continuing scourge of professional Catholics — especially the ones who don’t hide their moral depravity in the slightest. And have you heard of the new guessing game: Where in the world is Theodore McCarrick? Some rumors put him in Florida but historically the only reason a cleric was defrocked was to warm the bunk of a prison cell while awaiting criminal trial — and possibly the hang-man. In the day of Pope Saint Pius the 5th, This Was The Way. Despite wars, rumors of wars, and scandals, the result of the battle is known and has been written: don’t let the folly of sinners disturb your peace, especially during this joyous time of the liturgical year!

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