Is she Japanese? “Hai… gommenasai…”

The little lady that the raging psychothug Antipope repeatedly struck might be Japanese.  I received word that the first words she said MIGHT be, “Hai… gommenesai…” which would translate in this context as, “Yes, excuse me….”

Any Japanese readers? Or readers with Japanese friends?

I have also received word that Antipope Bergoglio says to the woman in Spanish, “Mano! Mano! Bruja!” Which would translate as, “Hand! Hand! Bitch/Witch/Hag!”

The video taken by the white-haired man immediately to the little lady’s right would be VERY interesting to see.

Again, folks, THIS is what everyone in Rome has known for almost seven years now is the REAL Jorge Bergoglio. The guy throws screaming raging fits which dozens if not hundreds of people have witnessed (most famously in the Casa Santa Marta dining hall, when Antipope Bergoglio’s screaming raging was so bad during a lunch hour that the Swiss Guards/Vatican Gendarmerie cleared the building) but no one will talk openly about. It is also well known in Rome that Antipope Bergoglio uses language so foul and particularly BLASPHEMOUS that even the sodomites that run the Curia are shocked by the level of depravity in Bergoglio’s speech – euphemisms that blend the Holy Name of Our Lord and Our Lady with animal terms (especially pigs and dogs), sexual anatomy and sodomitical acts. As so many of us have been trying to tell you, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is an evil, evil man, and was such long before he usurped the Petrine See. All of the happy smiling schtick he lays on in front of the cameras is 100% fake and calculated. In Buenos Aires, he was known as “the bishop who never smiles”.


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