Barnhardt Podcast #097: Not Made Possible By the Ford Foundation

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Mild language alert!

In this episode we celebrate the Communion of the Saints, expressed so beautifully by the traditional Roman liturgy in honoring the Saints in heaven and the Holy Souls in Purgatory, all of whom truly are “our friends we haven’t met yet!” We also put out the call for Masses and prayers for the conversion of Kanye West and his family who look like they are actively searching for the Truth. And, of course, we discussed more about the Amazon Sin-Nod, the disposal and recovery of the Pachamama idols, the prospect of married priests and the ontological impossibility of female deacons, and wondered who might become the first (illicit and invalid) female Cardinal in the Bergoglio regime. Remember: where sin abounds, Grace abounds all the more (even if it’s hard to spot at first).

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