NEED A SPANISH TRANSLATION: Jesuit Flamer Who Was a Dancer (Walking with Jazzhands Together!) at the Pachamama Dragon Demon Invocation Rite Explains the Bowls

17:19 is when this be-earringed Jesuit starts to explain the bowls.  Need a quick summary from a Spanish speaker, as I don’t speak the “Breathy Lisp” dialect, which is strong with this piece of work.  He seems to be very… fond of that bowl.  There are other videos of him on YouTube and he is to that damn bowl as Linus is to his blanket. Below is a video of the demon invocation rite and you can see him dancing.

Immediately after the bowls, he waxes poetic on the black tucum ring.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.