Mailbag: Another Hardcore Videogamer Quits Cold Turkey, Sickened By Gaming Industry’s Sodophilia

Hello Ann,

If any readers/listeners need any additional encouragement to stop playing video games, I put together an image that speaks a thousand words. The four brands pictured (Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox) are arguably the most recognised in the industry and they’re all promoting sodomy or at least allowing their western branches to do so. Something I’ve learned is that whatever one might argue about the merits of video games, the majority of the companies producing and profiting from them are not friendly to Christ or his Church. 

I’ve decided to take your advice and go completely cold turkey on playing games myself. I was slowly moving that way but it is better to just stop rather than keep making excuses not to. I’ve been heavily into gaming for a long time and not just playing them in a dark room. I’ve written and contributed to publications and been heavily involved in the subculture. I have friends that I connected with through the same interest that I’ve just told I’m stopping. My family and friends are surprised and find it hard to believe but it is for the best. My point in telling you this is that if I can go cold turkey – anyone can!

God bless,


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