The Sex Pervert’s Refuge: “But, It’s CONSENSUAL!!”

Isn’t it something how these tactics and mantras repeat amongst malefactors?  It’s almost enough to make one suspect that there is a non-human personal intelligence of unquenchable spite and evil looming behind it all….

So the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) post touched a raw nerve, to put it mildly.  And, not surprisingly, my email box filled up with angry emails – ALMOST EVERY ONE OF WHICH ADMITTED THAT WHAT I WROTE WAS TRUE.  I am not surprised by this, because in my online research on SCA, I saw this over and over again.  “Lies!  It’s all lies! Well, of course, there are people in SCA who regularly engage in swinging and group sex at SCA camps, but IT’S ALL CONSENSUAL!!!”

I also loved the emails from SCA people proudly declaring that “SCA has been on the forefront of acceptance and tolerance of the LGBT community since its inception over fifty years ago….”

Um, yeah, thanks for proving my point.  These people and the world are so far gone that they proudly cite the fact that SCA has been CRAWLING WITH SEX PERVERTS since day one (remember, SCA was founded on the Berkeley campus in ARSH 1966 – ground zero of the normalization of sexual perversion) as some sort of rebuttal? A quick reminder:

L stands for SEX PERVERTS
G stands for SEX PERVERTS
B stands for SEX PERVERTS
T stands for SEX PERVERTS

Just about the only email that came without any admission, only name calling, had THIS as the email address and avatar.  You can’t make this up:

Thanks for additional confirmation of the occult presence in SCA there, Tiger.

Oh, and I also got an obscene voicemail (again, thanks for confirming), and two threats of litigation.  We laff.  We laff HARD.  You kids knock yourselves out with that.  The entire internet is filled with SCA horror stories, it’s an open secret that isn’t even a secret that SCA is a swingers cult, and this is the realtime on my last remaining checking account, but you guys go ahead and plop down a $100k retainer with some shyster lawyer, come after me and draw as much publicity to yourselves as you would like.  The more people who know about this, the better.

I think I might have a $5 Starbucks gift card in the back of my junk drawer, too.


Folks, THIS is the fruit of the Freemasonic takeover of the post-Christian west.  Think about it.  To these SCA people, and everyone else, if you stop and think about it, the ONLY metric by which any act is judged is whether or not it is “CONSENSUAL”.  As long as a person CONSENTS, they are “without sin.”  Now think this through.  What this presupposes is that the individual HIMSELF is the standard and arbiter of morality.  There are no objective moral norms – there is only the will of the individual.  There is no external standard – in other words, there is no God.  The individual man himself is his own god.  BINGO! Freemasonry.  The deification of man.  Man as “god”.

To wit: Antipope Bergoglio, from October of ARSH 2013:

This mindset is so pervasive, so ubiquitous in post-Christian culture today that most people don’t even realize it is there.  Look at Oprah, certainly the high priestess of this satanic mindset, especially to women.  What has Oprah been preaching for over 30 years now?  “My truth. Your truth.” Zero external standard.  ZERO OBJECTIVE MORAL NORMS. “You do you.”

And, of course, who else is pushing, pushing, pushing “CONSENT” as their mantra?  Yep.  All the sodomite bishops and priests.  Draw an intrinsically arbitrary line at the 18th birthday (which they desperately want to drop to 16, and eventually 13), and then all of these priests and bishops chasing and bedding seminarians and priests become TOTALLY WITHOUT SIN because… IT WAS ALL CONSENSUAL!!  Because there is nothing intrinsically wrong with a man jamming his p**** into another man’s feces-laden rectal vault (or mouth, or hand) and using the rectal vault (or mouth, or hand) as the point of friction for masturbation.  According to these perverts, that is all morally neutral.  As is a married couple having sex with other people – that is morally neutral according to these perverts as well.  As long as it is CONSENSUAL.

Deny the Divinity of Christ and instead divinize yourself, and you can then start giving both yourself and others “permission to sin”, because if Christ isn’t God, then His Agony in the Garden and His Passion and death has no real meaning, and certainly no redemptive power.  What you do behind closed doors becomes “none of His damn business”, because “who is He – just another man who got greased by the Romans – to judge?”

Just as the SCA people circle wagons and all repeat the same mantra: IT’S ALL CONSENSUAL!, so too are the sodomite clerics and prelates beating EXACTLY the same drum. The Freemasonic takeover has pretty much convinced the entire post-Christian west that the ONLY genital act that can ever, ever be sinful is FORCIBLE RAPE.  Everything else is sinless, because IT’S CONSENSUAL!

Not only is there zero acknowledgement of the fact that consensual adultery, sodomy, whatever is intrinsically wrong, the very suggestion becomes “slander” and “hate speech”, and grounds for censorship, litigation, and soon enough economic paralysis, criminal action and finally, incarceration and execution.  In the Church, the cries are beginning to go up for “excommunication” of people who will not follow Antipope Bergoglio into his Freemasonic Antichurch, with yours truly being one of the first.

Finally, let’s look at the formal definition of sin, and note that the concept of CONSENT is an intrinsic component, and that the Freemasonic-satanic infiltrators have taken the criterion of CONSENT and completely inverted it into a justification and absolution. Every time one of these people bellows their “consent” to their sins, they are proclaiming their own guilt – and satan squeals with delight. It reminds me of the sodomitical inversion of the deadly sin of PRIDE into a satanic “virtue”.

CCC 1859:
Mortal sin requires full knowledge and complete consent. It presupposes knowledge of the sinful character of the act, of its opposition to God’s law. It also implies a consent sufficiently deliberate to be a personal choice. Feigned ignorance and hardness of heart do not diminish, but rather increase, the voluntary character of a sin.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.