Ranger Doug Sings, “Virgen Maria, Porque Tu Llores?”

Over the transom from a reader after seeing the Riders in the Sky “Cattle Call” post.


While the villagers are sleeping
In their dusty desert town
You can hear a young girl weeping
In a stable tumble down.

While they sleep their sleep unknowing
She weeps so gently through the night,
Lit so softly by the glowing
Of a lantern’s flickering light.

Virgen Maria, porque tu llores?
El mundo duerme in tranquilidad.
Virgen Maria, lloraba con feliz:
Es la mañana de la Navidad.

Oh Mary, Mary, why are you weeping?
They’re tears of joy upon the birth
Of the Promise God is keeping
To bring mankind His peace on earth.

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