Wake Up, Eastern Rite Catholics. Antipope Bergoglio and his master, satan, are coming after you now.

Do you honestly think that Antipope Bergoglio and satan, his master, are just going to leave Eastern Rite Catholics alone and unmolested?

The declaration of war against Uniate Eastern Catholics was just made by Antipope Bergoglio in Romania, but no one seems to have picked up on it.

My position is that of Saint John Paul II. The Church breathes with two lungs. And the eastern lung can be Orthodox or Catholic. The status quo must be maintained. There is a whole culture and a pastoral life that must be preserved. But uniatism is no longer the way today. In fact, I’d say it’s not licit today. Today, however, the situation must be respected and the Greek Catholic bishops helped to work with the faithful.

Folks, “uniatism” means exactly what it sounds like: Eastern Catholics in full union with Rome and the Papacy. As in, NOT Eastern Orthodox, who are, by definition, in schism because they are explicitly NOT in union with Peter.

If you don’t believe me, here is a Ukie Catholic historian defining what “Uniate” means very clearly:

The term Uniate was coined at the end of the sixteenth century to indicate those Eastern Orthodox who entered into full and visible ecclesial communion with the Roman Pontiff and, in so doing, unfortunately fell out of communion with their Orthodox brothers and sisters. For this reason, the term Uniate took on a pejorative meaning akin to that of renegade or traitor, which led to it being abandoned in 1774, at which time the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa issued a decree prohibiting the use of the term Uniate, replacing it with Greek-Catholic, as most of her Uniate subjects were from the Greek or Byzantine tradition. Today, each Eastern Catholic Church has its own specific name, such as Ukrainian Catholic. Romanian Catholic, Melchite, Malabar etc.

So Antipope Bergoglio has thrown down the gauntlet in Romania, declared uniatism “not licit”, and therefore Uniate Catholics should either Latinize (and eventually follow Antipope Bergoglio into the apostate Antichurch), or go into schism and become Eastern Orthodox, lest they actually bring any schismatic Orthodox back into unity with Holy Mother Church and disrupt the status quo, which is schism, which must be maintained at all costs.

Proofset #925,799 that Bergoglio is an Antipope, and probably the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist.

Ask not for whom the bells on the kadilnitsa jingle, Eastern Catholics. They jingle for thee.

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