It’s termed “SUBSTANTIAL ERROR” in Canon Law for a reason…

Pope Benedict XVI is in SUBSTANTIAL ERROR. That means in the simplest possible language, “He’s wrong.” Mistaken. Deluded. Misguided. Did a boo-boo.

We know this is a possibility because Canon Law specifically provides for the contingency, and addresses it.

This is why Pope Benedict need not be ASKED anything. He needs to be TOLD that his resignation was canonically invalid, and that he is the one and only living Pope. His ERROR has no rights. His ERROR has no weight or legal standing.

What are my, or anyone’s credentials to dare claim that the Holy Father is in error? Canon Law, Objective Reality, and Truth. These are their own credentials in se. These are their own Authority. Canon Law, Objective Reality and Truth judge Pope Benedict. Not us. We just report the verdict. We just ride the coattails of Canon Law, Objective Reality and Truth.

Substantial ERROR. And yet, by the mercy and charity of the Divine Providence, completely VISIBLE.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI!

Our Lady, undoer of knots, pray for us!

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us!

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