Miracle in Progress: Emergency call going out for a priest around Kingston-Wilkes Barre-Swoyersville, PA for Mr. Bob Quarteroni

Many of you might remember the prayer call going out a few weeks ago for a Mr. Bob Quarteroni of Pennsylvania, a cradle Catholic who was scandalized out of the Novus Ordo Church and into apostasy and atheism, and after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) had resolved to murder himself, with the help of his “girlfriend”.

Mr. Quarteroni had procured a slot in an auto-abattoir in Switzerland for mid-April.

But a wonderful miracle has happened.  Mr. Quarteroni’s condition has deteriorated so quickly that he is now in hospice in Pennsylvania, UNABLE TO TRAVEL, and thus unable to murder himself. It seems a natural death is quickly approaching.

PRAISE GOD that Mr. Quarteroni’s plans of suicide have been thwarted!!

If there are any priests in the Kingston-Wilkes Barre-Swoyersville area, who are willing to try to get to this man and offer him reconciliation with Our Lord through His Holy Church, email me. Also, Mr. Quarteroni’s Facebook is linked in the link above.

Keep praying, folks!!!

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