Mailbag: Reassurance

[This just came appended to a donation.  Thank you so very, very much, and remember, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered for all of my benefactors and supporters daily – no purchase necessary, batteries not included, action figures sold separately!]

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your post telling us to “go to Mass”, even if our only option is the Novus Ordo, because these Masses are valid and Jesus is really there waiting for us. Yesterday, I followed a link someone posted in the comments to a YouTube video by Michael Matt. It led to another video denouncing Vatican II. Everything was fine until the video claimed “Pope Francis” was not only not pope, but also not even a valid priest, due to the Rite of Ordination being changed. This group claims you have to formally renounce V2 and get “re-baptized” [good grief] in their schismatic sect. [I’m guessing it was the so-called “Most Holy Family ‘monastery'”?] They say all your past confessions are invalid and it is a grave sin to attend N.O. Masses. It is deceptive. [That’s one word for it…] They suck you in with a bit of truth [yep], drop a bombshell on you, and use fear to try to get you to email them [CULT!!]. Because of this I could tell they were evil. I told them Jesus would never do this to us, and that as long as He was there at Mass, I would be there. [I’ll see you there, sister!] Nevertheless, afterward I lay prostrate in tears praying to God to help me know the truth. Your blog post, I believe, was God’s answer to my prayer. He is reassuring me that yes, Novus Ordo Masses are valid and Jesus is present in the Eucharist. [Don’t forget, He is reposed in the Tabernacle too.  You can visit Him whenever a church is open – not just at Mass.] I can feel the love and charity in your words. [Second Joyful Mystery!! The Visitation – Fruit of the Mystery, Fraternal Charity.] Thank you, and God bless you!!


The Visitation, Mariotto Albertinelli, ARSH 1503, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

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