It pains me to keep y’all hanging without the picture, but I must….

(Across the transom…)

Good afternoon dear Ann,

I always enjoy keeping up with you. Keep up the combat.

We attend TLM in a NO parish where the diocesan priest does both the TLM and the NO Mass. That’s the best we can get within 200 miles. Anyway, a few weeks ago, after attending Low Mass on Sunday morning, I noted that the boilerplate picture of Bergoglio was on the wall, in the corner of the narthex, behind a tree. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I immediately congratulated our priest for doing this.

To my surprise, he replied that he couldn’t take credit for this, but that as far as he was concerned, he (Bergoglio) was still way too close to the Altar.
I have attached two pictures below.

(Which the correspondent did, and they are HILARIOUS, but I can’t post them and give away the show.  But trust me, POINT MADE.)

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.