Hey, guess who I saw at Mass today…!

Tiny Princess!

I use “saw” figuratively, but she was there!

It’s going to take a little getting used to no longer saying in my prayers, “For SuperNerd, SuperMommy, Tiny Princess….”

We don’t pray for people who have absolutely everything, who are looking upon God, face to face, without any veil or separation.

Don’t be afraid to ask Tiny Princess to pray for you!  She knows who you are, and knows that you prayed for her during her time here below.  Her little apostolate is now up and running at full strength!

And now a few especially moving and wise words from SuperNerd, who is the father of a saint, today:

“Sometimes I’ve thought of children who die before they are able to offend God as the lucky ones: they go straight to heaven.  But on second thought they must regard us as the lucky ones.  While they were never able to offend God they were also incapable of doing what we can do every moment of every day: willingly and selflessly give our thoughts and actions to the service of God.  I imagine that Tiny Princess is praying for me, her mom, and her siblings with the hope that we’ll not only make it to heaven with her but that she’ll be able to tell the other innocents around her in heaven: “See those radiant souls waaaaaay up there, closer to God? That’s my family!!!”  And so I renew my vows to renounce satan, his works, and his pomps and to serve God as thoroughly and completely as I can.“

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.