Barnhardt Podcast #065: Awakening Awareness of the Avalanche of Avarice

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In this episode, after a good-news update on Tiny Princess, we discuss the “national vice” of avarice and how this vice, at times, results in unequal protection under the law. Rugged individualism and seeking one’s fortune has long been considered an American virtue but corporations are now determining what is and isn’t virtue and de facto cutting off access to the financial system to companies they deem unworthy (gun manufacturers, abrasive free-speech practitioners, tax-protestors) to say nothing of companies flat-out ignoring the rule of law and doing what they want (MF Global et al). Also among the daughters of avarice are morally evil decisions made by individuals for the sake of economics — contraception and abortion being perhaps the two biggest — and the many forms of coercion enabled by crushing debts (college, automobile, house, credit cards) which the residents of the Land of the Free are morphed into morally weak, high-functioning slaves unwilling to rock the boat lest they lose their earthly possessions. We’ve allowed an evil angelic intellect to stack the deck and our star-spangled country will surely reap judgement in this world.

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