The Lesson of St. Adauctus: If You’re In This Fight For Credit and Earthly Glory, You’re In It For The Wrong Reason

I’m seeing a lot of girlish whining about “not getting credit” and being “plagiarized” by people who are otherwise doing excellent work in this war against the Freemasonic-Sodomite coven of infiltrators into Holy Mother Church – specifically George Neumayr (who is engaging in actual journalism in Washington D.C), Steve Skojec of 1Peter5, a valuable clearing house of information, and ChurchMilitant.  There may be others, but those are the main people I see engaging in whining and pissing matches over “who gets credit for what”.

August 30th was the Feast of St. Rose of Lima, but also on that day Holy Mother Church commemorates Saints Felix and ADAUCTUS.  How many years now have I been marking the days, day by day, by the General Roman Calendar, and how many years have I now read the little blurb in my Missal about the Commemoration of Saints Felix and ADAUCTUS and just kind of skimmed over it?  Well, not this year.  This year, the little blurb in my Missal about St. ADAUCTUS ran me through:

St. Felix, a Roman priest, was martyred under the emperors Diocletian and Maximian.  An unknown Christian joined him at the last moment. The Church called him Adauctus – “Added”.  They were beheaded A.D. 303.

This man, whose life, name, everything about him EXCEPT HIS CHRISTIANITY has been completely unknown all along; this man who freely chose to DIE by beheading with absolutely no care or concern for “getting credit” or certainly any earthly glory, should be our model.  Can you imagine St. Adauctus – whatever his name was – saying, “I will only do this if I will be declared a saint by the Church, raised to the altars with my name on the lips of priests at least once per year as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered, and if I am promised that 1715 years from now people all over the planet will be writing, reading and talking about me.  I want credit for this. I want what I am owed. I demand that my name be known, and attached to my final act. It’s only fair.”

If that were his attitude, he wouldn’t be worthy to be raised to the altars.

See how that works?

Here’s a little tip: STOP WHINING about whether or not you’re getting credit or if your stuff is being lifted or even plagiarized.  Instead, worry about whether or not you are doing what NEEDS TO BE DONE, if you are being effective and helpful in the combat, and most importantly if you are acting in accordance with God’s will.  If you do that, everything else will take care of itself. Not only will everything fall into place, but you might just find that operating in anonymity, or at least detachment from recognition, is WAY EASIER, and allows for all kinds of interesting and accelerated results.

No one is getting a Pulitzer out of this.  No one is getting an earthly career out of this – or at least not an earthly career that wouldn’t involve being on the payroll of the enemy.

No one is going to get rich off of this, and if they do, that is probably a very, very bad sign.  I learned a long time ago to entrust my financial concerns and worries to the Infant Jesus of Prague, and just keep ploughing ahead.  My donation button is at the top-right of the page.  May it generate EXACTLY the amount the Divine Providence wills, and not a penny more.  Amazingly, my rent has been paid every month for over five years now in this hand-to-mouth mode of living. Funny, that.  Even though my writing and videos get lifted and syndicated all the time, sometimes credited, sometimes not, and my video oeuvre has been mirrored countless, countless times.  Hey, as long as the information gets out to good effect and ONE PERSON is helped, that is what matters. And, if there is ever anything I can do in total anonymity or behind the scenes that can help fight this war, well, that’s the best.  Sign me up. Give me coordinates and a time, and I’ll be there with bells on – or in full ninja gear, if stealth is required.

Finally, I posted just recently the LOTR scene in which Aragorn enjoins the despairing Theoden King to “ride out” against the massive invasion force of Uruk-hai.  Theoden King responds, “Yes! For death and glory!”  Aragorn corrects him, For Rohan. For YOUR PEOPLE.” Death, and especially glory pertain to the self.  Aragorn corrects Theoden King into a motivation of CHARITY – that is, love of neighbor, love of his subjects, which necessarily proceeds from the antecedent love of God. Only then would laying down his life be meritorious.  If the motivation is NOT love, then to ride out could be a species of suicide – the ultimate act of narcissism.

Death? Perhaps.

Earthly glory? Possibly, but almost certainly not.

Love?  Essential.  Utterly, utterly essential.

St. Adauctus, “St. Added”, whose name the Church Militant has never known nor uttered, yet whom Holy Mother Church has used to sanctify the true humility of total anonymity in battle against the enemies of God and His Holy Church, whose real name is shouted in exaltation by the entire Angelic Host and Communion of Saints in heaven, whatever your name is, Sir, pray for us.

St. Felix, pray for us.

St. Rose of Lima, pray for us.

Infant Jesus of Prague, have mercy on us.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.