Marica Piojosa….


That lad was, according to the source, SIXTEEN years old, and a Seventh Day Adventist, when the picture was taken.  The poor lad is still a Seventh Day Adventist – and who knows what else.

You know what a grown man NUZZLING a lad like that is called in law enforcement circles?

It’s called GROOMING.

But tell me more about how Antipope Bergoglio just CAN’T be a fag himself. He just CAN’T! Go ahead.  I’m all ears over here.

(Antipope Bergoglio is 5’9″, by the way, because I know you will ask.)

“We priests get so lonely…. But, you know, our vows are of CELIBACY, which means marrying a woman. That has nothing to do with, well, us men loving each other…. God wants me to show you how much He loves you….”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.