Prayer for the Extirpation of the Sodomist Heresy

Prayer for the Extirpation of the Sodomist Heresy

Almighty God, who in Thine ineffable glory did fashion man and woman in Thine image, deign to hear the plaintive cries of their suffering children on earth. Break all the heresies and powers of Hell that now rage against us, especially those pertaining to the unspeakable sin of sodomy. Look with mercy on those most pitiable souls it ensnares, and release them from its horrid clasp forever. Destroy the chains in which the devil has bound them, extinguish their every lust with the waters of Thy sacraments, and purify them in the divine fire of Thy Triune Love.

In Thy sovereignty also, remember the innocence of Thy children now on earth and yet to be born, and suffer not their cries to heaven for vengeance to endure. Obliterate every power of the enemy over the people of God, drive those who preach these errors from Thy holy sanctuary, and bring to speedy and total ruin every state, every province, and every city that exults in these crimes against nature, making, we humbly beg Thee, provision for Thy faithful as once Thou did with our patriarch Abraham.

O Lord Jesus Christ crucified, so hated by the principalities of the world, grant Thy poor servants the honor to suffer meekly with Thee the taunts, insults, and injuries of Calvary. And, in merciful consideration for the many weaknesses of our fallen nature, generously bestow on us every consolation and courage that Thou gave to St. Peter on the road from Rome, that we may both faithfully witness Thee to the fleeting empires of men, and forever adore Thee in Thine everlasting kingdom in heaven. Amen.

(The fruit of the Second Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary, the Scourging at the Pillar, is PURITY.)

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