We Have Antipope Fredo. Do you want Antipope Michael? Keep pushing the “San Gallen Mafia” tack, and that’s exactly what you will get.

Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger is the one and only living Pope. When he dies, the See will be vacant.  Quote me on that, and make damn sure you spell my name right, because simple mathematical logic does not now nor will ever embarrass me, because the TRUTH is never an embarrassment.

IF another conclave is called while Pope Benedict XVI is still the one and only living Pope, that conclave will be INVALID by simple, mathematical logic.

A conclave called tomorrow would almost certainly faux-elect the current Secretary of State and psychopath, Pietro Parolin.  This would make Parolin, exactly like Antipope Bergoglio before him, an antipope by virtue of the fact that the conclave that elected him was completely illegitimate BECAUSE THE PETRINE SEE WAS STILL OCCUPIED BY THE ONE AND ONLY LIVING PONTIFF.

Piero Parolin is to Bergoglio what Michael Corleone was to Fredo. Remember analogies from the SAT?  Well, here you go.  Here is the “I’M SMAAAHT!” scene from The Godfather Part II.

For what it’s worth, the word from Rome is that Parolin has already gone to Bergoglio and SCREAMED at him, “We put you in place to change it, not burn it to the ground!!”


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