Barnhardt Benefactor Masses Now Offered SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK!

Amazing news, folks! A priest in a sleepy little backwater offered to fill out the rest of the week and commemorate my benefactors and supporters on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  And so, to my inexpressible joy, I can now report that as of yesterday, the Feast of the Presentation, all of my benefactors and supporters, including people that have decided that they hate me, will have the Holy and August Sacrifice of Calvary, the Holy Mass in the Venerable Rite of Pius V, offered for them EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I hope that if something bad happens such as death, illness, job loss, strife with family or friends or in the workplace, or if someone is just feeling bad in general, that one and all can take solace in the fact that, “this day isn’t all bad, because today, somewhere in the world, the Mass is being offered for me.”  Whatever burdens, cares, worries, pains, sufferings, shocks, or hardships you have, every day take them to the foot of the Cross, take them to Our Lord.  Unite yourself every day to the Mass.  Ask your guardian angel especially to connect you to the Mass being offered for you through his angelic presence there. Let your guardian angel be the “connecting bridge”. Ask your guardian angel to sprinkle you with the Precious Blood of Christ at the Elevation of the Chalice at this Mass being offered daily for you.  And remember, all of the angels and all of the saints are present at every Mass, so EVERY DAY ask your patron saints and your saint friends to unite you to Our Lord’s Passion on Calvary, being offered specifically for you.

The Barnhardt Benefactor Masses occur throughout the week in North America, Europe and the Middle East, as two of the Benefactor Mass preists are deployed chaplains, so the planet is enfolded in Masses for you every week.

Further, remember that God is not limited by space OR TIME.  Consider that graces that flow forth from Masses offered to you today might find their fruition in both the past and the future.  Looking back at your life, are there any instances wherein you can see, in retrospect, that The Divine Hand of Providence was guiding or protecting you?  Consider the possibility that graces from Masses today could have been applied to you and shaped your life from the moment of your conception.  I am convinced that my conversion and even inklings I had about Our Lord, His Church, and even The Natural Law that I had as a child and young adult were tied to the Masses and Divine Liturgies that people have had offered for me in the years since I became “famous” and thus have had Masses said for me at all.

In the same way, graces from Masses offered for you today might apply in the future.  Maybe years or decades from now when trials and temptations come, Masses offered for you today will shower you with graces when you need them most.  And, obviously, for those outside The Church, these Masses might contribute to your reversion or conversion.  And, we pray, that they will profit EVERYONE at the hour of their death, may that hour be many decades hence.

Remember, most people today NEVER have a Mass offered for them, because there are so few people left in the Novus Ordo paradigm that even know what the Mass is, much less believe in it, much less have Masses said for themselves or others.  At the General Judgment, we will all find out exactly how the economy of graces flowed, and how we all touched each other’s lives – for good or for ill.

I would say, “I wish I could do more,” but I don’t want to play-down the enormousness and the movement of grace that comes from having The Holy Sacrifice offered for you while you are yet alive. The saints and doctors agree that the multiplier relative to Masses offered for the repose of the souls of the dead is substantial. And that stands to reason, if you think about it. Here is an excellent quote I came across from a Dominican priest:

Father Cole OP writes, “While it is important to keep in mind that Masses for the deceased do help them, one Mass offered for anyone living will have a greater efficacy for that person because in this life all are capable of freely cooperating with any grace and the graces of a Mass may even change the direction of someone’s life including one’s own. However, it may be that a particular grace of a Mass is not accepted for many years which is why one must take a long term view of supplications for loved ones still on earth. Even more, one needs to take an even longer term perspective when praying for the poor souls because we do not see what we are doing to help them. We only know by faith that we are helping them.”

So from now on, just remember that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered for you on days that end in “y”.  And please remember the priests offering these Masses in your prayers.

Every. Day. For you, your salvation, and your intentions.

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