Cut the Crap: NO SEX For Priests, Deacons and Subdeacons, Even If Married

Folks, one thing that is almost certain to happen in this year of the Reparation of Human Salvation 2018 is that the wretched Antipope Bergoglio is going to continue his satanic campaign to destroy the Church from within by throwing the issue of Priestly Celibacy to the local bishops’ conferences.  Which, of course means, that just as with the satanic document Amoris Laetitia, the resulting chaos will quickly devolve into universal permissiveness.

Before we continue, we should define terms.  There are three terms that we all need to define and use properly: celibacy, chastity and continence.   The word “celibacy” is often mistakenly used to mean “a person that does not have sex”.  This is incorrect – celibacy means to NOT BE MARRIED.  Chastity means to observe all laws relating to sexual purity given one’s state in life.  So, married people are called to chastity within their marriage, even if they are having sex, because sex between married persons is obviously not sinful or against the law.  Finally, the word “continence”.  Continence means to abstain or “hold back” from “the licit gratifications of marriage”, that is, sex.  So, a person can be non-celibate, that is, married, but live in continence with their spouse, that is, abstaining from sex.

In case you’re not seeing where this is going, consider that of the Twelve Apostles, only St. John was a virgin.  That means the other eleven Apostles were either married or widowers. Folks, when the Apostles were ordained priests and bishops in the Upper Room by Our Blessed Lord, every one of them who had living wives became immediately, permanently CONTINENT, if they hadn’t become so already.  EVERYONE understood this up until not too terribly long ago.  OF COURSE a man who is offering the Holy Sacrifice at the Altar is NOT NOT NOT having sex with his wife.  OF COURSE he is living in continence.

One of the things I am most proud of, and thank God for, is the ever-growing basket of good fruits that has come from my essay “Why Priests Can Only Ever Be Men“.  Not only has this essay been credited by many people with converting or reverting them to the One True Church, and also to the Traditional Mass, it has also yielded another category of good fruit with regards to married men that were Protestant clergymen, have converted to Catholicism and been ordained priests.  So far two such priests have contacted me and told me that after reading “Why Priests Can Only Ever Be Men” along with their wives, they realized together as a couple that they should be living in continence, that is, not having sex.

The lie that is going to be pushed hard this year is that priests USED to be married, and that priestly celibacy is an invention of the Western, that is, Latin wing of The Church from around one thousand years ago.  What they are conveniently leaving out is that married priests were CONTINENT from the very beginning.  What the discipline of priestly CELIBACY did was simply state that priests should not be married at all.  It actually had nothing to do with priests being forbidden from sex, BECAUSE PRIESTS, DEACONS AND SUBDEACONS WERE ALL EXPECTED TO BE CONTINENT EVEN IF MARRIED ALL ALONG!

If you don’t believe me, here is proof from no less than Pope St. Gregory the Great, one of the giants among the fathers of the Church.  He was Pope from ARSH 590 to 604. This is a letter he wrote to one Leo, Bishop of Catania.  It is simple, brief and easy to understand:

To Leo, Bishop.

Gregory to Leo, Bishop of Catania.

We have found from the report of many that a custom has of old obtained among you, for subdeacons to be allowed to have intercourse with their wives. That any one should any more presume to do this was prohibited by the servant of God, the deacon of our see, under the authority of our predecessor , in this way; that those who at that time had been coupled to wives should choose one of two things, that is, either to abstain from their wives, or on no account whatever presume to exercise their ministry. And, according to report, Speciosus, then a subdeacon, did for this reason suspend himself from the office of administration, and up to the time of his death bore indeed the office of a notary, but ceased from the ministry which a subdeacon should have exercised. After his death we have learned that his widow, Honorata, has been relegated to a monastery by your Fraternity for having associated herself with a husband. And so if, as is said, her husband suspended himself from ministration, it ought not to be to the prejudice of the aforesaid woman that she has contracted a second marriage, especially if she had not been joined to the subdeacon with the intention of abstaining from the pleasures of the flesh.

If, then, you find the truth to be as we have been informed, it is right for you to release altogether the aforesaid woman from the monastery, that she may be at liberty to return without any fear to her husband.

But for the future let your Fraternity be exceedingly careful, in the case of any who may be promoted to this office, to look to this with the utmost diligence, that, if they have wives, they shall enjoy no license to have intercourse with them: but you must still strictly order them to observe all things after the pattern of the Apostolic See.

Folks, this letter is in the context of the SUBDIACONATE.  Even married subdeacons were continent!

This business of trying to lyingly convince the world that priests can TOTALLY HAVE SEX with their wives is a super-sneaky attack on the priesthood, and at the end of the day an attack ON THE MASS ITSELF.  Think about it.  Given what we know about the three motifs of the Mass, first and foremost the fact that it is the Sacrifice of Calvary, secondly that it is a NUPTIAL event between Christ and His Bride, The Church, and thirdly that it is a meal, with the meal motif pointing DIRECTLY to both the SACRIFICE (the sacrifice must be eaten in order to be consummated) and the NUPTIAL (as in a wedding banquet), what a non-continent priesthood (and diaconate and subdiaconate) strongly implies is that both the Mass and Holy Orders are no big deal, and therefore priests are “just like everyone else”. Pure Protestantism.

This is a lie from the pit of hell.

And one need only look at the founders of Protestantism and their agendas to see where this comes from.  Luther, a Diabolical Narcissist psychopath was a priest who was having an affair with a nun, Katerina von Bora, and his entire heresy revolved around the fact that he demanded that his filthy sacrilegious sexual sins be RATIFIED, and that other priests and religious join in those sins with him.  As we have discussed in terms terms of today’s cultural implosion with regards to sodomites, the progression is toleration, acceptance, ratification and finally PARTICIPATION.  There is nothing new under the sun.

Exactly the same is true of the Anglican Revolt, begun by the Diabolical Narcissist psychopath murderer Henry VIII.  Henry VIII, having grown bored with his wife, Catherine of Aragon, demanded that The Church declare his marriage to her null so that he could marry his mistress, Anne Boleyn.  But Henry VIII marriage to Catherine of Aragon was valid, and thus no one, not even the Pope, could dissolve it.  Because INDISSOLUBLE means INDISSOLUBLE. When the Pope refused, Henry schismed the Church, declared himself the head of the so-called “Church of England”, and the rest is history.  That is why Prince Harry is getting ready to ape the sacrament of marriage with Mrs. Rachel Engleson, the wife of a Jewish chap by the name of Trevor Engleson, and why the Queen of England, the so-called “defender of the faith” is fully on board with this scandalous fiction.  And, no doubt, Mrs. Andrew Parker-Bowles will be in the front row. Christ have mercy on the lot of them.

Both convert priests that have contacted me about entering into continence with their wives said that when they were in the process of converting to Catholicism and preparing to be ordained, CONTINENCE WAS NEVER ONCE MENTIONED TO THEM.  Ever.  By anyone.  In fact, one gets the sense that married convert priests to be engaging in the marital act is treated as a feature, not a bug.  Sadly, the truth is that these good men that convert and are ordained are being used completely unwittingly by The Enemy to convince the uncatechized masses that priests can both offer the Holy Sacrifice and have sex with their wives with absolutely no problem.  The same can be said for the “Permanent Diaconate” in the Novus Ordo paradigm.  That was concocted as yet another way to get married men NOT living in continence on the Altar, conditioning the uncatechized masses to an essentially Protestant notion of the clerical state.  The serpent is subtle, folks.

There is a lot more to say on this subject, but at least this information can get out, especially the letter from Pope St. Gregory the Great, so that hopefully a few people will not be fooled or scandalized by what is almost certainly coming, barring supernatural intervention, from the Bergoglian Antipapacy.

I hope this helps.

Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us.
Christ, have mercy on us.

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