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“I am the Immaculate Conception”.

I remember even as a young Protestant child, being erroneously told that the church in my hometown called “Immaculate Conception” referred to Our Lord Jesus Christ as the “Immaculate Conception”.


The Immaculate Conception is the Blessed Virgin Mary, conceived without the stain of Original Sin.  To this day, many Novus Ordo Catholics have no idea WHOM the Immaculate Conception is.

And this is a day of Holy Obligation, meaning it is MORTAL SIN to not go to Mass today.  Don’t worry.  I have a whole rant on the failure of the Novus Ordo (especially RCIA) to communicate the importance of the Days of Obligation – first among which is… wait for it… EVERY Sunday.  Since nefarious forces are trying to erase me from the internet, I suppose I should write with all urgency all of the essays I need to write, especially on churchy matters.

One of my most popular essays, and one that still holds the highest “cool factor” for me is the one about The Immaculate Conception and The Assumption.  For me, one of the coolest things is when contemporary science confirms something biblical or churchy.  With archaeology, it seems that it happens all the time.  But my favorite so far, without question, is the discovery that the cells of a child in utero persist in the body of the mother for the rest of her life, and even have healing effects.

So, yes, the cells of children aborted by their mother – and remember abortion is nothing less than the first-degree, premeditated and physically cooperated-in murder of a child by its mother – can be forgiven by just the tiniest drop of Our Blessed Lord’s Most Precious Blood – provided the mother is truly sorry.  Those cells, of those children, persist in the body of the mother, and oftentimes are sprung into action to physically heal the body of the mother, decades after the pregnancy.

I remember well the multiple times that a woman – a “trad Catholic” – came and knelt next to me not ten seconds after going to confession during Sunday Mass, leaned in to me kneeling in the pew and said, “Ha-ha! Off scott-free yet again! Gotta love the sacraments!”  This probably nullified the sacrament in those instances, and I carry the utmost terror in my heart for this woman to this day, because I later found out that she aborted ALL of her children – every child she ever conceived, and there were “several” over the years – that she aborted in her previous, pre-reversion life.  The only thing between her and the eternal hell she so richly deserves for depriving every single one of her children of even the CHANCE of the Beatific Vision through Baptism,  as the body-and-soul murderess she is, is the Sacrament of Penance, which to this day she treats as the punchline to a tasteless, impious joke, the Sacrament of Penance – Confession.

To hold that Sacrament, the very blessed Sacrament that raises the dead (like her) to life as the butt of a sick joke is, frankly, beyond the pale.  Please pray for her, as I do every day, in the Rosary and at Holy Mass.  Our prayers may be her only hope, even though she holds such prayers and pieties in contempt.

But, back to the Immacolata.

If you are interested in reading about the super-cool science of the Immaculate Conception, might I suggest:



my Q&A piece from when I was thrown out of the Novus Ordo Thomistic Ethics class because the Novus Ordo Kathys were pissed off that I defended the Infallible Dogma of the Immaculate Conception to them during class (no, Sweetie, aborted babies DO NOT go to heaven….):


William Adolphe Bouguereau, ARSH 1875, Musee d’Orsee

This is one of my favorite paintings from one of my favorite artists – second only to Guido Reni, William Adolphe Bouguereau.  Many snobs discount all artists of the 19th century, especially French, for coming after the Napoleonic Revolutionary eras, and for being too “realistic”, but I think the realism of the 19th century can be soul-piercing.  Such with this piece.  The Blessed Mother holds in her lap a mother whose dead son reposes below. The Blessed Mother, in black, evokes every Pieta – every image of the Virgin holding the dead Christ – while invoking the mercy and consolation provided by her Divine Son.  Look at the face of the Virgin.  Look at what I like to call the “Ferocious Love” in her countenance, as she appeals to her Father, Son and Spouse – the Triune Godhead.

Men, especially, look upon a woman that, while completely feminine, can be looked upon as an exemplar of virility and potency, and thus as a model of authentic masculinity for men without the slightest tension.  This is the Blessed Virgin.  How can it be that a woman provide any template for masculinity whilst remaining feminine? Look at the Virgin.

And, if you want to see how the Godhead can provide a template for both masculine and feminine charity, do read my piece on how ONLY MEN CAN EVER BE PRIESTS.   This piece has spurred numerous conversions, and has spurred married Lutheran convert and Anglican Ordinariate priests to enter, like the Apostles themselves (except St. John who was a virgin), into continence with their wives after realizing how the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is also a profoundly NUPTIAL event.  It is one of the most important pieces I have ever written, and sometimes I read it and still can’t quite believe that I wrote it. But, I remember the moment at my second Tridentine Mass when it coalesced completely in my mind – horrific sinner that I am.  ELBOWS DOWN….

As this site comes under cyber-attack, I am reminded that one only draws fire when one is over the target. And I am feeling better, and pneumonia (I was genuinely worried) seems to have been avoided, thanks be to God. Now, if we can get the site stabilized and the attacks fully deflected, we can resume recording and posting podcasts.

I hope this helps. Plenty more to say, coming soon.

Shields up… and holding for now.

Thank you to everyone who emailed or tweeted me today to let me know of the various issues and glitches you were seeing on from around cyberspace. If you haven’t visited the blog in a while then all you missed was about 24 hours of chaos which is hopefully over for good.

The short version: was targeted by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. The way these attacks work is that a swarm of computers (called a bot-net) attack a given address on the internet and one of two things will usually happen: the traffic crashes the web server or causes such a massive slow-down that the “offending” site is disabled while a fix is investigated. While it’s possible that was randomly selected as yesterday’s (UTC time) winner of “Who wants to be DDoSed?” it is more likely that someone who hates Ann’s message (or her eyes?) targeted her specifically. Without getting into too many geeky details, a DDoS shield is now in place and this should stop enough of the incoming fire to prevent the hosting provider from needing to disable the site again.

If/when the site goes down for any reason I’ll be posting updates on Twitter — — and to a lesser degree on Facebook — — and eventually here as well (when things are stabilized). Until then I’ll be monitoring the activity logs and looking for the culprit(s)…

Who knows... this might have been what happened?

Who knows… this might have been what happened?

Santa Claus, Please Help Us….

December 6th!  The feast of St. Nicholas!  The story of St. Nicholas can never be repeated too often:

Today is the Feast of St. Nicholas, who died on December 6, ARSH 343. Saint Nicholas is well-known by his Dutch moniker, ”Santa Claus”. Don’t be fooled by the crass, commercialized image. Saint Nicholas was a stone-cold butt-kicker for Christ and His Church.

Early in the Fourth Century, there was a terrible heresy in the Church put forth by a very persuasive man named Arius. Arius contended that Christ was not fully divine, but a creature, created by the Father. This heresy was threatening to schism the Church. (Back then everyone understood the truth that any schism whatsoever was totally and completely evil and thus unacceptable – the Church is ONE. Christ has ONE Bride, not a harem. There is ONE Truth. Not multiple “”truths””. As soon as you start saying that there are ”multiple truths”, what you have done is denied Truth Itself, of which there is only ONE.)

So, the First Council of Nicea was called in ARSH 325 to hash this out and put the Arian heresy down once and for all. Arius was at the Council, of course, and was called upon to defend his position on the inferiority of Christ. Being a bishop, Nikolaos of Myra (in present-day Turkey) was naturally in attendance. Arius’ nonsensical, destructive and insulting lying contentions about Our Lord became too much for Bishop Nikolaos, who stood up and proceeded to haul off and go all Manny Pacquiao on Arius with a left jab directly to Arius’ piehole. (See image above.)

Everyone was alarmed by Bishop Nikolaos’ righteous beatdown of Arius, and he was immediately summarily stripped of his episcopacy. In those days, the two things that designated a man a Christian bishop were a personal copy of the Gospels and a pallium, which is like a stole. Now you may taken aback by the “personal copy of the Gospels” thing. Well, of course! How could a bishop NOT have the Gospels? But you must remember that the printing press wasn’t invented until ARSH 1439. Before that, if you wanted a book, it had to be written out BY HAND. And what were you going to write on? Try vellum. Every piece of vellum had to be harvested from an animal and made. So you see, for a man to have a personal copy of any written text was a HUGE, and frankly EXPENSIVE, deal. So, poor Nikolaos was stripped of his Gospel and his pallium AND thrown in the hoosegow.

Now here is where it gets really good.

While Nikolaos was in the clink, he received a visit from both Our Lord and the Virgin Mary. Our Lord asked Nikolaos, “”Why are you here?”” And Nikolaos replied, “”Because I love You, my Lord and my God.”” At this, Jesus then presented Nikolaos with his copy of the Gospels, and Mary put his pallium back on him, thus restoring his rank as a bishop. When Nikolaos was discovered sitting calmly in his cell, still under guard, with his Gospel and his pallium, which the other bishops had locked away themselves far from Niklaos’ prison cell, Nikolaos was released, welcomed back by his brother bishops, and rejoined the Council. The heresy of Arianism was struck down once and for all, and the Nicene Creed (which we still recite at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass today) was authored.

The anti-Arian part is this:

”. . . Et in unum Dominum Iesum Christum,
(And [I believe] in one Lord Jesus Christ)

Filium Dei Unigenitum,
(the only begotten Son of God)

Et ex Patre natum ante omnia saecula.
(And born of the Father, before all ages.)

Deum de Deo, lumen de lumine,
(God of God: Light of Light)

Deum verum de Deo vero,
(true God of true God)

Genitum, non factum, consubstantialem Patri
(Begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father)

Per quem omnia facta sunt.”
(by Whom all things were made.)

I post this because it speaks directly to our question of love and defense of Truth and defense of those we love. Arius was attacking Christ and His Church with his heresy just as viciously as if he had been leading an army – and Nikolaos stepped into the breach to defend his Beloved. PHYSICALLY. The reason Nikolaos stepped in was because Arius was attacking CHRIST, and His Bride, the Church, which is made up of Nikolaos’ fellow human beings – whose immortal souls were being put at risk by Arius. We are in no way taught by Christ to stand by and watch as our loved ones are attacked, either their bodies or their souls. The miracle in Nikolaos’ cell is proof of this. Nikolaos did the right thing by going all Pacquiao on Arius and dropping him on his heretical keister before God and everyone.

“”Why are you here?””

“”Because I love You, my Lord and my God.””

Go Santa.

Lata, Go Gata

I’m sick – I thought I was over the hump as the wood glue turned clear over the weekend, but now I can’t stop coughing. This makes sleeping difficult.

Anyway, I obviously have MUCH to say about current events, but for now, a little placeholder post.

Former United States Congresswoman Corrine Brown from the great state of Flarda was sentenced to five years in prison today for setting up a fake childrens’ charity, and then just pocketing all the cash.

Who could have seen it coming?

Will there be no end to these stunning disappointments and letdowns?

Watch this video and ponder the fact that this sub-literate, barely verbal woman sat in the (former) United States House of Representatives for TWENTY-FOUR YEARS.