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Shields up… and holding for now.

Thank you to everyone who emailed or tweeted me today to let me know of the various issues and glitches you were seeing on from around cyberspace. If you haven’t visited the blog in a while then all you missed was about 24 hours of chaos which is hopefully over for good.

The short version: was targeted by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. The way these attacks work is that a swarm of computers (called a bot-net) attack a given address on the internet and one of two things will usually happen: the traffic crashes the web server or causes such a massive slow-down that the “offending” site is disabled while a fix is investigated. While it’s possible that was randomly selected as yesterday’s (UTC time) winner of “Who wants to be DDoSed?” it is more likely that someone who hates Ann’s message (or her eyes?) targeted her specifically. Without getting into too many geeky details, a DDoS shield is now in place and this should stop enough of the incoming fire to prevent the hosting provider from needing to disable the site again.

If/when the site goes down for any reason I’ll be posting updates on Twitter — — and to a lesser degree on Facebook — — and eventually here as well (when things are stabilized). Until then I’ll be monitoring the activity logs and looking for the culprit(s)…

Who knows... this might have been what happened?

Who knows… this might have been what happened?

Lata, Go Gata

I’m sick – I thought I was over the hump as the wood glue turned clear over the weekend, but now I can’t stop coughing. This makes sleeping difficult.

Anyway, I obviously have MUCH to say about current events, but for now, a little placeholder post.

Former United States Congresswoman Corrine Brown from the great state of Flarda was sentenced to five years in prison today for setting up a fake childrens’ charity, and then just pocketing all the cash.

Who could have seen it coming?

Will there be no end to these stunning disappointments and letdowns?

Watch this video and ponder the fact that this sub-literate, barely verbal woman sat in the (former) United States House of Representatives for TWENTY-FOUR YEARS.