Bogus “Copyright Infringement” and Fraudulent Pok-ee-ston-ee “Support”

Here is the text of SuperNerd’s livechat exchange with Site5’s “customer support”.  I have changed SuperNerd’s name. Can’t make this crap up…

Chat ID: 45910890 Initial Question: I just got an email saying that a third party complaint was filed against but NO specifics were given nor any discovery on the part of Site5 to determine if the complaint was legitimate, a misunderstanding, or something I had no idea was an issue but would be willing to remediate.
3:23:46 PMSystem Ashish S has joined the chat!
3:24:28 PMAshish S Hello SuperNerd. Welcome to live chat, My name is Ashish. I will be assisting you today.
3:24:31 PMAshish S I extremely apologize for the wait time.
3:24:52 PMAshish S Could you please elaborate your query?
3:24:59 PMAshish S Could you please provide the email
3:25:05 PMSuperNerd What is it you don’t understand?
3:25:24 PMSuperNerd “Upon review of a third party complaint and your account activity, we have deemed your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service. Specifically, Section 21 of the Terms of service We have determined that we are not the most appropriate host for your business needs, and require you to seek hosting services elsewhere (outside of Site5 and all our sister companies) to service the website moving forward. Pursuant to our Terms of Service we have permanently suspended your account. You will have until Monday August 28th, 2017 to retrieve your files, at this point in time your account will be terminated.”
3:25:46 PMSuperNerd What does “Abuse Type: AUP” mean anyway?
3:25:55 PMAshish S Let me check that for you. Could you please provide me with the support code visible under “Support Options” on the left-hand side of the page so that we can verify your account. To get the support code, please go to your Customer Area at with your login details.
3:26:35 PMSuperNerd 90109-xxxxx
3:28:58 PMAshish S Thank you for your authentication. Please be on hold for 3-5 minutes while I check this for you.
3:38:04 PMAshish S Thanks for being on hold, SuperNerd. Since you have violated our terms of service, you are requested to move your files to another hosting provider before August 28th. After that, it will be suspended.
3:38:37 PMSuperNerd In what way were the terms of service violated, and does this mean only has to move or all domains on the parent account?
3:39:29 PMAshish S Please refer this –
3:39:45 PMSuperNerd I did — that didn’t answer the question one bit.
3:39:48 PMAshish S Section 21: You represent and warrant to Site5 that you: (i) will use the Services in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including without limitation, with respect to your websites and any User Content; and (ii) you are solely responsible for all activities conducted on or through any website on your account, including any transactions or interactions with end users of your website.
3:40:12 PMSuperNerd As far as I can tell, Site5 is in breach of contract because nothing about any website on my account violates that section.
3:40:36 PMAshish S Yes you need to remove only one domain account that is
3:40:59 PMAshish S Also, you are requested to reply to the ticket regarding this.
3:41:02 PMSuperNerd If I violated any term of service, you should, at a minimum, tell me how precisely it was violated.
3:42:34 PMAshish S You will be given a detailed explanation by our security team once you post the reply on ticket – WLF-474-68017
3:42:55 PMSuperNerd I want a positive statement that my account with Site5 is not in jeopardy of being closed down. The domain referenced in the complaint has already been removed from Site5 — did you not look to verify that?
3:43:29 PMAshish S You have been violated our TOS regarding Copyright Infringement, unfortunately.
3:43:38 PMSuperNerd Where do I find information about that ticket?
3:43:56 PMSuperNerd Copyright infringement? All of the content on that site is custom generated!
3:44:10 PMSuperNerd What SPECIFICALLY is alleged to be a violation?
3:44:15 PMAshish S You can get the ticket in client area > support tickets
3:44:53 PMAshish S Regarding the violation, our TOS team will update you. Please post your reply in the ticket.
3:47:14 PMSuperNerd So you either cannot or refuse to tell me what the violation is?
3:47:24 PMSuperNerd How does this qualify as “support?”
3:48:46 PMAshish S Unfortunately, we have just received the notice of Copyright Infringement. To know more about this, a ticket was created. So I would request you to post your reply in the ticket so that our TOS team would reply regarding this with all the details.
3:49:43 PMSuperNerd Is it the practice of Site5 to suspend an account just because a complaint — even if there is absolutely no merit to it — is received, and without giving the account holder a chance to answer any allegations or make corrections?
3:53:50 PMAshish S I apologize, but for such serious issues, the ticket is placed on our higher end and its needs to go through our higher authorities. So once you respond to the ticket, you will be notified regarding this in depth.
3:54:39 PMSuperNerd So what you’re saying is that you cannot or will not help me and it took the better part of an hour to get that answer?
3:56:49 PMAshish S Unfortunately, we are authorized to look at the better part. If we could, we would have provided all the details. So I would request you to respond the ticket and our SIte5 TOS team will help you with this.
3:57:00 PMSuperNerd Can you tell the “higher ups” who can answer this to please actually answer? I have replied to the ticket. I replied by email HOURS ago but nobody is replying.
3:58:01 PMAshish S We hadn’t got the reply earlier. Now we see the reply. Our TOS team will look into this and reply you back. Your patience and cooperation are highly appreciated in this regard.
3:58:12 PMSuperNerd I really think Site5 wants me to do business with someone else. I also think this lack of customer service constitutes a gross breach of contract and Site5 should be refunding me the full balance of what I paid for hosting once I’ve moved all of my site to a competitor.
3:59:08 PMSuperNerd Since there is nothing you can do for me (or you’re refusing to do for me) I don’t see the point chatting any more. Have a good day. Or night. In which country are you located?
That’s right, folks.  Bogus charges ginned up (copyright infringement – on a website of self-generated content, youbetcha), no notification, no explanation, complete suspension without recourse, and then fraudulent Pok-ee-stonny”tech support” following a script.  So, in review:
Secret “charges”.
No trial.
Summary execution.
Guilty “verdict” after the execution has been carried out refusing explanation of the so-called “crime” committed.

This has an oddly familiar ring to it…  “You’re guilty”.
“Guilty of what?”
“Don’t worry about it.  You’re just guilty.”
“Well, how can I possibly reform my nefarious ways if you won’t tell me what I have done wrong?”
“Read the entire legal code over and over again until you understand that YOU. ARE. GUILTY.”
This is TEXTBOOK Marxist kangaroo “law”.  And you folks need to get your heads around the fact that THIS is how things will be operating.  You MUST force yourselves to understand and fully comprehend that the Rule of Law, objective reality, evidence, rationality, justice and fundamental human decency are OUT THE WINDOW with these people.  The old axiom, “Since I have done nothing wrong I have nothing to fear” is a LAUGH LINE TO A BAD JOKE.
I don’t throw the term “post-Christian” around because I think it sounds smart.  This is a post-Christian culture.  Expecting honest dealings, integrity or even shame from these people is simply irrational.  Their chosen culture is diametrically opposed to these virtues on a level so deep and so defining that we would call it “religious” with a lower-case “r”.
And, it certainly bears mentioning that these people use musloids in Pok-ee-ston and other musloid outposts precisely because mendacity is a core foundational plank in musloid society.  “Ashish S.” knows that he is a fraudulent actor in this, and that his job is to merely deflect the victims of his employers and provide zero support, and he is completely and totally fine with that.  Heck, last week “Ashish S.” was probably doing scam IRS collection calls to senior citizens.  Marxists and musloids flock together for a reason.
I’m glad this happened, because I am always glad to be able to be at the spearpoint of these things so people can see how these things work and play out, and thus you guys can now start taking aggressive, proactive steps to protect yourselves.  It’s a kind of reconnaissance work, really, and I have no problem doing it.
Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.