Barnhardt Podcast #018: Novus Ordo Islam??

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In this episode we address email feedback inquiring why Ann doesn’t talk about islam that much anymore by… talking about islam! Specifically we reiterate that Islam is a satanic political order which manufactures diabolical narcissists by the suicide bus-bomb load, enshrines lying as a cornerstone of its anti-culture, and has a below-average IQ due to centuries of inbreeding. We also review George’s Weigel’s article calling for a Vatican 2-like reform of the reform of Islam (uh, George, they did that in the 1920s and it’s called Wahhabism!).

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Timestamp Outline:
0:12 Intro and recap of Matthew 17:20 Initiative
3:48 The effeminate requirement for direct precedent, the inability of soft, effeminate men and women to think on their feet and formulate responses
07:47The effeminacy of modern “fasting” rules and how fasting can combat effeminacy
10:11 Why don’t you talk about islam much anymore, Ann?
15:15 Islam as a system engineered to create masses of Diabolical Narcissists
19:57 Lying and mendacity attacks and destroys faith, islamic culture is built on a foundation of explicitly condoned and encouraged mendacity
22:26 Islam engineered to create Diabolical Narcissists by sexual abuse, psychological abuse/torture, especially of children
28:05 Example of the couple who publicly apostatized from islam earlier this year on Twitter. The importance of explaining islam to muslims, then being ready to evangelize them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
35:42 George Weigel essentially admitting that he does not believe in the Catholic Faith. Also Archbishop Charles Chaput’s blasphemous public insistence that musloids “worship the same God we do.”
38:45 Weigel does not call for the conversion and extinction of islam, but for islam to adopt modernism and “not actually believe what they believe”, and accomplish this by islam having its own version of “Vatican II”. SuperNerd points out that islam DID do an “updating” after WWI and it yielded Wahhabism.
43:34 Weigel’s position is the same as that of Antipope Bergoglio: condemning proselytization and “Catholic fundamentalists”
45:35 Modernism as the foundation for using the Bride of Christ as a racketeering front
48:27 Weigel as a member of the elitist American clique in Rome, chasing the wealth of the “conservative” American Catholic “right”, who are Weigel’s target market for his John Paul II personality cult
53:35 Weigel’s indifference to other human beings in the islamic political system – Weigel is even coaching islam on how to make itself more attractive!
54:50 Someone should draft a set of dubia to be submitted to George Weigel!
59:55 Uncontacted peoples: does George Weigel think they should be converted to Christianity and civilized? Will unbaptized pagans rage eternally in hell at those Christian also lost to hell to refused to tell them about Jesus Christ and His Holy Church?
01:11:31 Indifference to musloids, uncontacted pagans, or anyone outside The Church is the COMPLETE INVERSION OF CHARITY.
01:14:13 Conclusion, announcements

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Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.