THE MATTHEW 17:20 INITIATIVE : Tuesday and Friday Full Fasts For Full Resolution of the Bergoglio Situation

Let us call this the MATTHEW 17:20 INITIATIVE.

I’ll go ahead and get the ball rolling, and anyone else who wants to join in and spread the word about the MATTHEW 17:20 INITIATIVE , please do.  Tuesdays and Fridays are the days in which The Church prays the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary, contemplating Our Blessed Lord’s Agony, Scourging, Crowning with Thorns, Carrying of The Cross and Crucifixion and Death.  It seems appropriate that these two days could be set aside for full fasting, that is NO FOOD WHATSOEVER, and only water and/or zero calorie drinks (this allows coffee and tea).

The intention of the MATTHEW 17:20 INITIATIVE is for a full resolution to the Bergoglio situation.  I phrase it like that, and not simply as “Bergoglio’s removal” because I realize that there are still many of you out there who are not morally certain, as I am, that Bergoglio is an Antipope.  If I am right and Pope Benedict XVI is, in fact, still the one and only living pope, then the “removal of Bergoglio” could yield yet another Antipope.

At this point, many would say, “Well, Ann, how could it POSSIBLY get any worse?”

Very, very easily.  Try on for size another Antipope with Bergoglio’s Satanic-Freemasonic-Sodomitical agenda, except… TWENTY YEARS YOUNGER.

So, the MATTHEW 17:20 INITIATIVE is for the full resolution of the Bergoglio situation.

But this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.

 Hoc autem genus non ejicitur nisi per orationem et jejunium.

-Matthew 17:20


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