Barnhardt Podcast #012: Antipope Bergoglio Calls For Abolition of All Sovereign Nations of Europe

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In this episode we discuss the economic scam that is “Obamacare” and how it necessarily leads to concentration of government spending and power — and that now Jorge Bergoglio is calling for a “United States of Europe” to supplant the sovereignty of independent nations (in contrast to Catholic social teaching which favors subsidiary and smaller political entities). We also talk about a recent news article involving Cardinal Mueller which further demonstrates a recurring theme: “they” — including “Call me Jorge” — simply don’t believe the Truths of the Catholic Faith.

Quote to ponder: “The Economy of Grace can be compared to the power grid, and we’re dealing with constant rolling brown-outs and black-outs these days.”

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Timestamp outline:

1:00 President Donald Trump: WWE Hall of Fame member
2:55 Something nice about the Trump Administration: Melania Trump puts the dignity of a Lady back in the position of First Lady
5:51 Does the Vatican need to be exorcised and reconsecrated?
8:44 Geological events as a precipitator for the Muslim Invasion Force
15:00 Divine Justice as a solution to an otherwise unsolvable problem
16:06 The historical precedent of the sufferings of a few gaining mercy for the many: the martyrdom of the French Carmelites to end the Reign of Terror
19:30 Congressional Republicans: Obamacare cannot be undone now
24:05 Medical costs should be falling with technology
27:00 Is it health care or money laundering?
31:33 Centralization of resources: what could possibly go wrong?
32:13 Explosion of mental illness
38:00 Demonic activity is magnified by pornography
40:45 Bergoglio calls for a centralize, federal Europe
45:45 Tribalism versus the Truth
49:25 A centralized, Federal Europe contradicts the Christian Principle of Subsidiary
54:00 Sacrilege and Hubris: Cardinal Mueller pulled off the altar during Mass to have a conversation with Bergoglio
1:05:00 Effeminacy and driving to the Traditional Mass: have you considered moving?
1:14:30 Masses, prayers for the dead, and the Economy of Grace discussed
1:19:58 An idea for localized Catholic action: pray the Leonine Prayers as a group after Mass

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