Mailbag: You Win


As of yesterday I stopped calling Bergoglio the pope.

That’s one down. A billion and a half to go. I do discuss the matter with others who might hear, or care.

Besides, Benedict could borrow his brother’s outfit, if he really wanted a black one.

Thank you for keeping up with your work.



It isn’t about me “winning” or “losing”. Truth is truth. Reality is what it is. All of us make the choice to either conform our rational intellects to it, or not. Whether the rest of the world agrees is simply irrelevant, as the Apostles learned well after Our Lord delivered the Bread of Life discourse (John 6).  It is a very bizarre thing to see the most strident Trad Catholics rail against modernism and humanism, and then turn around and in the same breath appeal not even to the “sensus fidelium”, but to, essentially, a mob of arch-heretic sodomites and their itchy-eared willing thralls and their acclamation of Bergoglio as Pope as their proofset, with the actual Vicar of Christ, physically present and visible. It isn’t even as if Pope Benedict were being held in a prison somewhere, invisible to the world.  He’s right in front of us.

But suddenly, in this context, despite the Good Shepherd discourse and countless admonitions and reminders that “going with the group” is one of the most unreliable modes of discernment, truth and reality are declared to be derivative of popular opinion.

It is very hard to think of the number of souls being lost to hell not just now, but in the future, and apply the word “win” to any of this.



Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.