Under Cyber Attack, New Web Host Found, Changing Servers Now

Yes, I came under some sort of cyber attack several days ago.  It appears to be affecting mostly Internet Explorer and MSN browser users.  Firefox, Safari, and Chrome seem to be fine. But caution is urged.

This happened at about the same time that I was given notice of termination by my web host of the past eight months, due to my public position on the Bergoglian Antipapacy.  Thankfully, yesterday, I finally found another web host, the site is being migrated, and the cyber attacks will be addressed and dealt with.

In researching web hosting companies, I quickly discerned that “free speech” and “no censorship” are now dog-whistles for “this firm will host porn”.  As I have said many times, satan is a very good chess player – masterful at setting up what appear to be checkmate scenarios, in this case, in order to speak the naked truth about Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, you have to do business with pornographers and sex-traffickers.  Um, no.  God always provides. Look at the chessboard again – you aren’t in checkmate.  You’re still alive, and even able to move offensively.

I’m sorry for any of you who had any damage done to your computers by this, or inconvenience of having to re-install anything. But, this is war, and things like this should be expected, and I’m afraid that we will only see an increase in denial-of-service, virus and trojan attacks as we move forward in this pivotal year of ARSH 2017.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.