HA! Kayfaber Trump LITERALLY Entered Professional Wrestling In 2009!

Dude!  I had NO IDEA about this until literally one minute ago:

From the KAYFABE article on wikipedia:

Trump buys WWE Raw
On June 15, 2009, Vince McMahon announced on a special three-hour edition of WWE Monday Night Raw that he had sold the show to Donald Trump, who appeared on-screen to confirm it and declared he would be at the following commercial-free episode in person. However, it was not revealed that the “sale” to Trump was not an actual sale, but a kayfabe as part of the WWE’s storyline. Executives for WWE and USA Network treated the “sale” as an actual sale, and it was picked up as a real event by many industry sources. The day following the announcement, WWE’s stock on the New York Stock Exchange fell, leading USA Network to admit that the “sale” was indeed nothing more than part of a storyline.

I laff.  I laff hard.  So Trump is an old hand at this. And maybe, just maybe, my little analogy is more apt than I imagined.



I’m gonna bust a gut over here…!!!!!

Post-America, if this doesn’t make you understand how totally, completely over it is, then neither I nor anyone else can help you.

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