Around the Innerwebz: Holy Intransigence Works

From today’s check-around of the innerwebz:

Once again reality is impossible to distinguish from satire. A congregation of the Canadian United Church has a female pastor who is now openly an atheist. Absurd as that is, the real absurdity is that the congregation is paralyzed over how to handle this situation. Their commitment to “inclusiveness” is so broad that they’ll accept you if you don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, or even the very concept of divinity of any sort.

It’s stuff like this that makes me see where Ann Barnhardt is coming from with her zealous Roman Catholicism. There are things about the RCC that do not sit right with me, but I do credit them with insisting that some things are absolutely set in stone and inviolable. The “whose version of Christianity is right?” question dogs me, but stories like this at least reveal whose version is absolutely wrong.

No one – NO ONE – respects a person who “doesn’t actually believe any of that bullshit“, which is the working definition of Modernism, which Pope St. Pius X called “the synthesis of all heresies”.  Novus Ordo “c”atholicism, post-Vatican II, NewFrancisOneWorldReligion – whatever you want to call it – holds as its Creed that “we don’t actually believe what we believe”.

Antipope Bergoglio’s entire schtick is denying that ANYTHING is set in stone and inviolable. He is sowing chaos and “making crooked” everything that The Church has spent 2000 years “making straight.” He is a contra-analogue to John the Baptist.

And Protestantism?  The entire foundational premise of Protestantism is that “we don’t actually believe any of that bullshit.”

That is REPULSIVE on a gut, visceral level.  People have to condition themselves and destroy their own conscience to not be sickened by it.

Many people – MANY OF YOU – read this blog including the posts about Jesus and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, even though you aren’t Catholic, and many of you are agnostic if not confessing atheist – but you still read those posts because A.) you can tell that I really, truly believe what I say and B.) I have established credibility with you through my commentary on economics, financial markets, the islamic political system and my spectacular taste in music. The fact that I am unapologetic to the point of intransigence is a point of attraction – something so rarely seen in this post-Christian, effeminate culture, that you just can’t help but look. Virility is now a spectacle.  Christian virility is almost incomprehensible.

Many of you feign disgust at what I say, almost to a man, because of what I say about sexual morality.  How many of you read me and then turn around and hedge and call me nuts because of what I say about contraception being always and everywhere a mortal sin? Given my demographics, I know that most of you probably contracepted for almost all if not your entire married lives.  You HAVE to call me “nuts” in order to hedge the contraception paradigm, don’t you?

Or because I believe in the clear words of Jesus Christ that divorce and remarriage is adultery? How many of you are on your second or third “marriage”?  If I’m not “crazy”, then you are in deep shit, right?  Or how many of you have kids who are divorced and “remarried”?  If I’m not “batshit”, then you and your kids are in deep shit.  Or that all sexual activity outside of marriage is fornication?  How many of you have kids that are shacking up? I HAVE to be nuts, or else your kids are deep, deep shit, right?  And you will have failed them, at least partially, as their parents.  Or that all aberrosexual behavior is sodomy? If I’m not “cray-cray”, then your gay son/grandson/nephew or dyke daughter/granddaughter/niece is in shit up to their eyebrows.

Or how about the fact that I openly believe and profess that outside of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded by God Incarnate Himself, that there is no salvation?  It’s SO NOT DONE. Believing that there is ONE Truth? One TRUE RELIGION?  How sick is that?

Or that I actually believe that at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the little disc of bread and splash of wine truly, physically, substantially becomes the literal Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of God? And then I eat Him.

Except you just keep coming back, because you know that I am not the same as a musloid or Mormon or Branch Davidian or Scientologist – no matter how much you wish that I were. No matter how much you wish I were crazy, deep down, you know that I’m NOT crazy, but actually sane – albeit in a flamboyant way. Flamboyant Sanity.  That would make a good name for a band.

Whatever.  Whatever gets you to think about God, His death on the Cross for our sins, and your eternal fate – heaven for eternity or hell for eternity.  If I have to make a spectacle of myself – a FOOL, if you will – then so be it.  If this culture is so far gone that simply BELIEVING WHAT YOU BELIEVE constitutes a spectacle, and a secret attraction, hey man, so much the easier.  I find it incredibly easy to say what I actually believe and know to be true.

Too bad some other people don’t.

St. John the Baptist, pray for us.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.