New Antipope Bergoglio Buzzphrase: Triumphalism of the Species

When evil reaches critical mass, and has huge momentum, it only increases on a parabolic curve.

This is what we are seeing right now with Antipope Bergoglio and the satanic cadre for which he is the front.  Bergoglio’s “Preacher of the Papal Household”, one Fr. Cantalamessa, preached in Antipope Bergoglio’s presence at St. Peters Basilica a homily in which he railed against “triumphalism of the (human) race” and “triumphalism of the (human) species”.

Make no mistake, this is the open preaching of SUICIDE as virtue.  This is the inescapable logical conclusion of Utilitarianism: zero population growth and self-genocide.

Remember Bergoglio’s “breeding like rabbits” swipe at the woman pregnant with her eighth child?  Remember Bergoglio utterly hamstringing the entire pro-life movement and encouraging people in Zika areas to use contraception “after discernment” – topping his remarks off with the STONE-COLD BLASPHEMY that, “We are speaking in terms of the conflict between the Fifth and Sixth Commandment.”

The Commandments can not be in conflict with each other because they came directly from God. To say otherwise is not merely heresy, it is blasphemy, a declaration against the Faith, namely that God is in conflict with Himself.

Self-loathing and even a passive suicidal mindset is so common, so thought of as “enlightened”, and so utterly a part of the zeitgeist, that almost no one even picks up on these remarks when they are made.  Everyone just nods in agreement, congratulating themselves for their “moral superiority” in actively despising and desiring the self-extermination of the human race itself – in service to the greater good, you understand. And because anyone who does not desire human extinction is a sinner – the “sin” being “triumphalism”.

The world, the universe, and everything in it exists for one reason: so that men might know, love and serve God in this life, and be happy with Him forever in the next. God made EVERYTHING so that you might get to heaven – YOU are the “end” of the Universe. You are that important.  To pervert this stunning truth into the lie that humanity should loathe itself unto auto-destruction IN “SERVICE” TO THE VERY UNIVERSE THAT WAS CREATED AND EXISTS FOR MANKIND is, very simply, satanic.

Suicide.  It is satan’s most perfect victory over a man.  And now it is being preached from St. Peter’s Basilica.


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