Antipope Bergoglio Is Soros' Man

EXCELLENT reportage over at The Remnant Newspaper by Elizabeth Yore detailing the extent to which George Soros does, in fact, own and control Antipope Bergoglio and his toadies.

Bergoglio is an imbecile – very much like Obama – and isn’t drafting these documents or setting the agenda – it is Soros and his men doing all of it.  Bergoglio is just the false-facade front.  George Soros is now drafting and attempting to impose upon The Body and Bride of Christ AS MAGISTERIAL TEACHING his satanic agenda.

What I did not know, and is quite a revelation, is that George Soros is the largest single landowner in Argentina, owning over 1.2 million acres, and over 150,000 head of cattle.  Yore also reports that Soros has massive financial holdings in Argentina as well.  Given this, it would be naive to think that Soros and Bergoglio’s relationship began in March of ARSH 2013.

Just a heads-up: Keep a close eye on Soros’ sons. Two of them are within the right age range to be the You-Know-What. And by You-Know-What, I mean ANTICHRIST. Face it, IF Bergoglio is, in fact, the False Prophet Forerunner, then that means that the Antichrist is an adult man alive today.  If Soros is the driving and controlling force behind the False Prophet Forerunner, then we need to look at Soros’ associates very closely.  And here are these two sons under the age of 33.

We need to start talking openly about this stuff, and not be afraid of being called “crazy” or “conspiracy theorists”.  It is stupid to not mentally explore these things in advance – like surveying a chess board and working through various moves and scenarios.

Alexander Soros: Born 1985, age 31****
Gregory Soros: Born 1989, age 27 ****
Jonathan Soros: Born 1970, age 46
Robert Soros: Born 1963, age 53

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