On Priests Being Slaughtered On the Altars: If Only Someone Had Warned Us….

If you haven’t watched my video presentation from early ARSH 2012 about the similarities between the French Revolution – specifically the genocide in the Vendee region wherein 400,000 people were systematically tortured, terrorized and killed in the most brutal terms – and what is happening now, I’m telling you, you’re really missing something.  The Vendeans were terrorized and genocided, including priests being killed on the altar while saying Mass, simply for being Catholic and not capitulating to the Freemasonic, humanistic “Enlightenment”. It wasn’t an enlightenment, kids.  It was The Endarkenment.

If you want to understand how a nation is driven into brutal CIVIL WAR, if you want to see EXACTLY what is being done to both the former U.S. and to Europe, it is all here. And it is upon us.

Here are the links to parts one through three, and I’ll embed part four.  In part four at roughly the 13:00 mark I discuss the fast-approaching Civil War in the former U.S., and that just as the French Freemasonic Republic used mercenaries (violent convicts released from prisons and some Germans and Swiss) to terrorize and genocide French peasants that refused to capitulate to the Revolution, so too will the satanic oligarchy in the former U.S. use black gang-bangers (ahem, BlackLivesMatter anyone?), Latin American drug gangsters (dissolving of the Mexican border) and… wait for it… MUSLOIDS, as their proxy armies/mercenaries against civilians and THE CHURCH.  The musloids are the primary mercenary army that the same wretched globalist cabal has marched into and turned loose on Europe, with the wretched Antipope, Jorge Bergoglio, its number-one propagandist.

I gave this presentation to a Tea Party group in the Colorado Springs area, and as one would expect, there were a lot of veterans and combat veterans in the group. I dare say that coming in the door almost every one of them would have described the French Revolution as a “positive thing” which sprang from the American Revolution, because that is what we were all taught as children.  Well, it DID indeed spring from the American Revolution, in fact it was the French Freemasons who drove France into catastrophic debt by FUNDING the American Revolution, which was also a Freemasonic production.  But the French Revolution was one of the most horrific and cascadingly catastrophic events in the history of Christian Civilization, on par with the Lutheran Revolt and the Anglican Schism.

At the end of the presentation, they all sprang to their feet and gave me a prolonged standing ovation, the beginning of which you can see at the very end of this video by my rather sheepish and embarrassed look. One of the men who was a quasi-leader of the group then stopped, and speaking for the group declared it the single best lecture/presentation he had ever heard, and the ovation resumed.  It really is a fascinating historical presentation coupled with details of what exactly was coming down the pike, and is now playing out before our very eyes day by day.  This presentation has only gotten more relevant and more frightening over the past four years.

Requiescat in pace, Mara Roberts.

Barnhardt Vendee Presentation PART 1

Barnhardt Vendee Presentation PART 2

Barnhardt Vendee Presenataion PART 3

For a bonus treat in part 4, at the 14:47 mark, I specifically address Hillary Clinton and her desire to outlaw guns.  Tuck in the children and put out the cat.  I mince no words.

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