"But, But, But, Mohamed Bouhlel Ate Pork and Drank Alcohol…."

Of course he did.  Because as I keep saying and BEGGING people to comprehend, islam is not a religion, it is a political system. All of the seemingly-religious aspects are pure theater, which only the truly gullible (due often to low IQs resulting from centuries of epidemic inbreeding) follow.  The 9/11 hijackers spent their final days as fixtures in strip clubs, drinking like fish. The largest cultural block of pornography consumers is musloids.  The highest per capita rates of homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality are among musloids.

Think of it in terms of Communism.  I mean by-the-book Communism.  NO ONE believes in actual Communism, most especially the psychopaths at the top.  Communism is simply a false facade behind which power-mad Alpha Diabolical Narcissists hide and run their evil hustle.  And the people who live under Communism become Diabolical Narcissists themselves, again, not subscribing in any actual way to the tenets of Communism-on-paper.  They simply have all of the love beaten out of them by living under evil tyranny, and thus descend into evil themselves.

Islam is the same.  Islam, first and foremost KILLS HUMAN SOULS.  It foments and even explicitly encourages lying, , fornication, rape and murder.  It is a political system that sets up a culture wherein pretty much every human being is in a perpetual state of antagonism and/or war with every other human being: parents against children (honor killings), husbands against wives, men against women, children against adults, neighbor against neighbor, clan against clan, and even “god” against men within the context of the faux-religious motif.  Remember, the “allah” thing is supposed to be pure will, a liar, and frankly, a capricious prick that can change its mind ad infinitum, or as Antipope Bergoglio calls it, “the god of surprises”.  How convenient for a bunch of psychopaths running a hustle.  What all of this does, like Communism, is drive human beings into madness, manifested by the intentional purging of love from their souls.

The islamic political system is nothing less than a massive, 1400 year old furnace of Diabolical Narcissism production. And so, what you get are psychopaths that break, and commit atrocities, not motivated by religious fervor per se, but very simply because they are EVIL.

Anger, hatred, jealousy, fear.

And NOTHING else.

Take that to its conclusion, and you get men crashing jets into skyscrapers and driving trucks down crowded promenades out of pure spite.


If you have a culture, dominated by a political system that wrings every last bit of love out of the human soul, that rapes, physically and spiritually, its childrens’ souls to death, you get demoniacal humans who do evil things, both subtle and grandiose, for no reason other than hatred and spite. Russia. Romania. Nazi Germany. North Korea. Red China.

Do you want to know what motivated the “non-observant” musloid Bouhlel?  Ponder what motivates satan and the demons to prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls, and you will find the answer. An all-consuming spite borne from the total absence of love.

That is the entire premise and goal of the islamic political system, just as with the Marxist political systems. Until this is understood and dealt with, there will be nothing but more death, terror and war.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.