Diabolical Narcissism: A Few Citations

A.  This is from a piece written by a homosexual man about his experiences as an altar boy (it was good until the girls and women were allowed in and took over…)

Read the whole thing, but the key line regarding the origin of his homosexuality confirms what I have tried to explain regarding Diabolical Narcissism as a FREE CHOICE TO PURGE ALL LOVE FROM ONE’S SOUL:

“And, in a sense, I felt further insulated from the world of males. Deeply setting within my mind that I was somehow different; not that I was a girl, as I was not like them. But I was also not like the other boys. After all, I was sensitive, creative, and intensely perceptive. I told myself that I was better than them and didn’t need their camaraderie or their friendship – but I did need just that….”

This man made that free choice when he was yet a child.  He made the choice to tell himself that he was separate and above everyone else – males and females – and that he would not love or be loved by them because of his “elite” status.

And he ended up choosing to get things shoved up his rectum in San Francisco for years as a direct result of his construction of a “false self” that was “too good” to love or be loved. Because the soul of man devoid of love – Diabolical Narcissism – is the quintessence of human perversity – it is monstrosity defined.

B.   Alpha-Beta DN castes.  Such a massively important concept.  For those of you who have watched the DN video (the module on the Alpha-Beta caste dynamic begins at 01:38:52 ), the first eight minutes of this interview with Camille Paglia is a spot-on calling-out of the Alpha-Beta DN structure and dynamic in Universities. The administation is the Alpha caste, the faculty and students are the Beta caste – unthinking cultural stormtroopers who not only accept Alpha domination, but CRAVE it.

Paglia herself is consistently cited and read with appreciation by “conservatives” even though she is a lesbian, feminist, Catholic apostate.  She will in one moment brilliantly testify to reality, and in the next be singing the praises of Hillary Clinton and Madonna.  And we all just shake our heads.  How can someone be simultaneously so intelligent, and yet so blind?  I suspect a lifetime of apostasy and sodomy will make even the most robust intellect utterly obtuse and unable to make simple foundational connections.  Anyway, she says this of Universities, both faculty and students:

Note her characterization of the dynamic as “vampirism” at 01:52.  Remember how I explained that DN is contagious and VAMPIRIC?

02:44 “…a pretentious style of superiority…”

04:28 “This generation of young people have been trained throughout middle school and high school and college to be subservient to authority.  There is no questioning of authority whatever.  They want an expansion of authority….”

05:25 “They are passive worms not to fight back against the bureaucrats….”

06:44 “So what’s happened, which is extremely pernicious and toxic, in American universities over the last 35-40 years, is this growth of a massive administrator class which never had any teaching experience whatever, and regard themselves as a master race – and I am not kidding, okay – and they force you into all kinds of formulas you have to follow when you deal with the students and every kind of regulation and law, and they’re a bunch of nervous nellies, et cetera. It’s an outrage.  The faculty has been reduced to slave status.  They’re serfs.”

C.  With regard to the Church and the Alpha-Beta structures and dynamics, I personally believe that people who are actually controlling and calling the shots BELIEVE IN THE FAITH… because they are Satanists.  I believe that the key Alphas in the Vatican and the key outposts in the Church, the people who send out the orders and are literally at war with God are literal Satan worshippers.

The “Beta” caste is the group that I have defined as those who “Don’t Actually Believe Any of That Bullshit” – and by “bullshit”, I mean Catholicism.  I believe the massive bureaucracy that is, right now, before our very eyes, destroying the Church from the inside out, is almost entirely comprised of men who don’t believe any of it to start with, who think that actual Catholicism is all “bullshit”.  They are the Beta DUPES, PATSYS, and WISEGUYS, groveling before and taking their cues and orders from a caste of psychopaths that literally worship Satan, and thus believe in all of it: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, the existence of Hell and eternal damnation, the supernatural reality of The Church, and, interestingly, the words of The Mother of God, particularly at Fatima.  Oh yes.  The Satanists believe EVERY BIT OF IT.  Make no mistake.

And yes, I believe that Bergoglio is in the Beta caste, and doesn’t believe in any of it, and thinks it is all bullshit.  I think that Bergoglio is a bootlicking Beta Diabolical Narcissist that was installed precisely because he would do ANYTHING the Alphas wanted, not only because he is a DN with delusions of grandeur that craves Narcissistic Supply, but also because he is a profoundly unintelligent man, and thus very easy to manipulate and control. (If you’re thinking of Obama as a direct analogue at this point, you’re right on.)

The Alphas aren’t gunning to drive people OUT of The Church – they are gunning to get as many people to engage in Eucharistic desecration as possible. They want people coming and receiving the Eucharist in mortal sin.  What they are doing is aimed, first and foremost, at “hurting” and “humiliating” God. The loss of souls to hell is secondary, and derivative of their hated of God and spite.  They want people to go to hell precisely because God loves them.  It is the Satanic inversion of the Second Great Commandment: hatred of man for the hatred of God.  They don’t want to shoot the Bride of Christ in the head – they want to RAPE the Bride of Christ forever – and make God watch.

If you think this uncharitable of me, consider the alternative – that Bergoglio is an actual Satanist.  I doubt it.  The only thing Bergoglio worships and adores is Francis.



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