Oh Bergoglio not only ratified contraception, he ratified Eugenics

Look, the entire deal with Zika isn’t that it kills.  The issue is that it can cause microcephaly.  You know – IMPERFECT human life.  Or perhaps one might call it LIFE UNWORTHY OF LIFE (TM Third Reich – All Rights Reserved).  So not only did Bergoglio ratify contraception in order to thwart the conception, implantation, gestation and birth of less-than-perfect people – which is EUGENICS, he also used systematic war rape as the previous analogue to this, citing a dubious reference to Paul VI maybe telling some African nuns who were in a war zone and targets for rape that they could take contraceptives.

So, wait.  That sure makes it sound like Bergoglio views a microcephalic child as the same as a rapist – both being unjust aggressors against the woman.

Oh, he also said that the Ten Commandments are in “conflict” with each other, specifically the Fifth (Thou Shalt Not Do Murder) and the Sixth (Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery). Yeah.  The Decalogue, according to this imbecile, is internally inconsistent.

And don’t even get me started on how he totally threw the Ukrainian Greek Catholics under the bus.  Unbelievable.

This malignant thug idiot needs to be deposed. Call an imperfect ecumenical council and do it already.  Basta con questa farsa.

Rorate has the full transcript.

Paloma García Ovejero, Cadena COPE (Spain): Holy Father, for several weeks there’s been a lot of concern in many Latin American countries but also in Europe regarding the Zika virus. The greatest risk would be for pregnant women. There is anguish. Some authorities have proposed abortion, or else to avoiding pregnancy. As regards avoiding pregnancy, on this issue, can the Church take into consideration the concept of “the lesser of two evils?”
Pope Francis: Abortion is not the lesser of two evils. It is a crime. It is to throw someone out in order to save another. That’s what the Mafia does. It is a crime, an absolute evil. On the ‘lesser evil,’ avoiding pregnancy, we are speaking in terms of the conflict between the fifth and sixth commandment.[WHAAAAAAAT????]  Paul VI, a great man [only compared to you, Jorge], in a difficult situation in Africa, permitted nuns to use contraceptives in cases of rape.
Don’t confuse the evil of avoiding pregnancy by itself, with abortion. Abortion is not a theological problem, it is a human problem, it is a medical problem. [WHAT???] You kill one person to save another, in the best case scenario. Or to live comfortably, no? It’s against the Hippocratic oaths doctors must take. It is an evil in and of itself, but it is not a religious evil in the beginning, no, it’s a human evil. [WHAT????] Then obviously, as with every human evil, each killing is condemned.
On the other hand, avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil. In certain cases, as in this one, such as the one I mentioned of Blessed Paul VI, it was clear. [So rapist = microcephalic baby???] I would also urge doctors to do their utmost to find vaccines against these two mosquitoes that carry this disease. This needs to be worked on.
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